WrestleMania Dana White vs Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania?

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  1. http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/dana-white-en-toute-intimit%C3%A9-dans-l-antichambre-1.596839

    Not likely, but skip to the 8:50 mark of this interview and Dana says Vince wanted to fight him either at UFC or at a Wrestlemania lmao. Dana used to box and shit, he surely would have destroyed Vince.

    That would probably draw hella buy rates though
  2. Won't happen, and with only a few weeks left till Wrestlemania and with Vince apart of the Brock/Triple H storyline, it would be Wrestlemania 30 if it did.
  3. It would fit in with HHH vs Brock brilliantly, shame really.
  4. Vince wanted to fight Dana White at Wrestlemania or UFC

    That's absolutely incredible.
  5. Vince wanted to fight Dana White at Wrestlemania or UFC

    Already posted
  6. lol, that's what I was thinking. Dana would be a fucking masterful wrestling heel.
  7. Lmao why did Vince want the fight? Just for the money?
  8. I have no idea. If he had challenged him primarily in the WWE it would make more sense.. he must have just been bullshitting about the UFC fight... no AC would ever give Vince his license to fight MMA anyway.
  9. Because Vince probably thinks he could whoop Dana White and it would send the message of WWE>UFC if the owner of his company beat up the owner of the other company?
  10. I went into this thread, thinking Vince McMahon was going to fight a Woman. Looks up Dana white, slightly disappointed :sad:
  11. 'If Vince hear’s this' Dirtsheets are so fucking lazy, simple grammar errors all the time in their reports. You're hardly giving yourself credibility by making such basic mistakes. I'm useless with grammar and I can tell that's wrong.

    But yeah, Vince is insane lmao. It would bring in an absolutely massive buyrate for WM though, tonnes of UFC fans would pay to see Dana whoop Vince's ass.
  12. Dana would box Vince up so bad lmao. If they were to have a shoot fight Dana would turn Vince's face into hamburger meat.
  13. Dana's also at least 20 years younger than Vince, give Vinny Mac a break.
  14. Dana is 43 and doesn't he have some injuries of his own?
  15. http://www.mmamania.com/2013/2/22/4018206/ufc-dana-white-ear-surgery-menieres-disease-mma
  16. That podcast was awesome, btw. Not sure how Meniere's would fuck with Dana in a fight. I'd still take him easily over old man Vince and his fake hip.
  17. Vertigo. Takes out the balance and your ability to correctly interpret where things are. If Dana got a vertigo attack during the fight he would fall to the ground.
  18. No, I know what Meniers does in general, I've heard Dana talk about it dozens of times. I'm saying I don't have any idea what triggers his symptoms. It seems random to me, so it would just be quite unlucky if he were hit with an attack during a physical altercation w. Vince.
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