Dancing in the WWE

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  1. How do you feel about it?

    I'm alright with it if it's Brodus Clay or Too Cool, but when you have stupid one's like Michael Cole and Jim Ross, they gotta stop. (Jim Ross was alright.)

    Anyways here are some dances.

    I'm Alright with

    No, except I liked it cause I remembered Too Cool.

    Alright with

    Not Okay

    Alright With 1:34

    No 6:04


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    They need to stop embarrassing commentator segments period. Yes, this includes any Jerry Lawler match. Cole mic segments are okay if he's interviewing a superstar, Cole is so over he could actually help a superstar. JR and King just need to stick to commentating.
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    If it adds to a character such as in the case of too cool or Brodus Clay I have no issue with it. When it's used with gimmicks that have no ties to dancing I dislike them.
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    Same goes for "pillow fight" matches etc. All those need to stop.
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    How the F*ck does a pillow even hurt? It might a bit but when it's girls?
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    Completely agree with you there Sage.
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    Shouldn't the title be dancing in the WWE? Dancing on WWE makes no sense unless it's dancing offering an opinion on the WWE.
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    @[CM Punk] just got got!
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    The Undertaker dances with Hornswoggle - WWE house show

    Hell, I'll even dance
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    Actually it should be, "Dancing in the WWE"
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    Incredible battle thus far.

    Should be "Dancing in the WWE." though.