D'Angelo Blackwell

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    Character Name: D'Angelo Blackwell

    Nicknames(Optional): Black Soul

    Hometown: Willowbrook CA, Untied States

    Height: 6 ft. 2

    Weight: 99 KG (218 Pounds)

    Kevin Abstract

    Tattoos: (similar to Pacs. They don't play a major role at the moment so I'm not going in depth with them, but they are basically positioned like Pacs and are the same amount)

    Gimmick/Bio: TBA

    Disposition: Tweener

    In-Ring Attire: Basically the exact same as Lethal here except without the jacket.

    Entrance Theme:

    Entrance Actions:

    20 seconds -35 seconds - Smoke slowly begins to fill the top of the stage becoming thicker and thicker while on the titantron there are people smiling and laughing, flowers floating through open fields, people hugging (happiness) until 35 when the siren goes off. At this point, the titantron immediately goes black with the words Black Soul appearing.

    35 second – 37 seconds - Blackwell emerges from the smoke standing on the stage with his hands behind his back. Blackwell stands there looking around the arena soaking in the atmosphere.

    37 seconds onwards - Blackwell walks down the ramp holding his arms out and looking around with a smug smile. Blackwell reaches the ring and climbs onto the apron. Blackwell stands on the apron and leans against the outside ropes holding his arms out and yelling out towards the crowd. Blackwell enters the ring and climbs onto the top rope smacking his open hand against his chest and yelling more towards the crowd before getting down and waiting for his opponent

    Entrance Attire (If Anything is different): Same as the in-ring attire except with the jacket.

    In-Ring Style: Hard-hitting (a lot of hand to hand strikes & heavy knees) brawler, favours suplexes.

    Finishing Moves (Max 2):
    - Electric Avenue – (One-Handed Electric Chair Driver)

    Signature Moves (Max 4):
    - Back Suplex Double Knee Backbreaker
    - Brainbuster onto Knee

    Striking Moves:

    - Knee strikes to the head and body.

    - Jumping knees

    - Clinch knees

    - Boxing jabs/hooks

    - Elbows to the head

    - Forearm smash & Running Forearm smash

    - Various drop kicks

    - Closelines

    - Ground stomps


    - Deadlift Sitout Gutwrench Powerbomb

    - Various German Suplexs/Rolling German Suplexs

    - Superplex

    - Bridging Tiger Suplex into pin.

    - Catching Wheel Barrow Suplex

    - Over the head Belly to Belly Suplex

    - T Bone Suplex

    - Pop up Powerbomb

    - Arms Under-hooked Buckle Powerbomb

    - Gutwrench Powerbomb

    - Argentine Neckbreaker


    - Kneebar

    - Camal Clutch

    High-Flying Moves:

    - Suicide Dive

    - Elbow Drop

    In-Ring Psyche: Hard hitter who can strike with great force. If focused can be very hard to deal with as he is very tough. Resilient and hard to put down, but due to inexperience if he isn’t focused he can be caught off guard.

    Strengths: A very hard hitter, also has a lot of heart and is very resilient. Blackwell never gives up in a fight and it takes a lot to put him down as he is highly prideful and always wants to get back up.

    Weaknesses: Inexperience makes him not the smartest in ring competitor and other can capitalise on this and out wrestle him.

    Taunts (optional): Making the shape of guns out of his hands and doing a shooting motion with them twice before blowing his fingertips (blowing smoke away) before sliding his hands against his legs (putting the guns away)

    PS: A few moves here and there may be added and Sig names may be added. Apart from that if anything is missing just let me know :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. Other than the fact that the Electric Chair Driver is being used by your's truely atm, she is good. Perhaps you can find a new finisher to replace it? Like the Electric Chair into a German? Up to you.
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  3. :cry:..... Nah all good haha I will find something within in a day or two!