Daniel Bryan a character profile.

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  1. Many people know this man as the current WHC. Many however know very little of him outside of his WWE run.

    In this thread I'm going to show some of his past work to show he's much more then a happy go lucky nerd character which was bestowed on him by Michael Cole.

    The main reason main people are fans of Bryan, myself included is his ring work. The man has been named the best wrestler in the world by many. Here are a few examples of his work mainly from ROH and Japan however look out for the odd match from FCW and PWG also.
    A few examples include:

    Yeah sure he's a great worker everyone knows this right? However he can't cut a promo to save his life right? I mean Michael Cole says he has no charisma.

    Now onto his work in the big leagues to show he isn't just an internet darling but can make it into the mainstream.


    The reason for this thread is to show Bryan is much more then the WWE are building him to be at the moment and hopefully they build him much better now he's the world champion. This is really for people who don't watch outside of the WWE and don't know much about the talent this man holds. Thoughts?
  2. Such a great post. Thanks for this. Loved his old matches, incredible wrestler.
  3. His bottom promo is incredible.
    For just being on NXT that's quite a big worked shoot.
  4. He was really well known to alot of people before NXT so I think that why it worked. Have you seen the CZW promo? He really plays the heel role well imo.