Daniel Bryan already selling out merchandise.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Man he's so over now.
  2. Daniel Bryan is awesomeness.
  3. Made another record on fastest soldout merchandise?
  4. No idea if it's a record, but I hope this spells "PUSH THIS GUY TO THE MOON" to WWE.
  5. Vince must either be perplexed by this or rubbing his hands going "Dolla Dolla!"
  6. Imagine what he could do with a nice shirt. All these indie midgets taking over.
  7. Here's what I don't understand.. what kind of roody poo ass t-shirt factory does WWE have? You'd think they could produce enough shirts that this wouldn't happen every single time a new t-shirt becomes a hot seller.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if they do it on purpose, the shirt sells well people are like OMG it's out of stock I'll have to get it as soon as they get it back rather than wondering whether to get it, like it's must have and if it doesn't sell they aren't left with a great deal of excess stock.
  9. I swear seabs has been watching too much detective shows.

  10. First, this makes me giddy. The closest way to Vince's heart is through his wallet. Daniel Bryan basically has it made for the next 5 years because of this sale. Second, I'd buy one of these T-shirts next time I go to an event. It's a crowd participation thing. Daniel Bryan is a joke heel right now, and currently there is nothing more fun than the fans pushing back Sheamus' push and giving the indie scene some well deserved cred.
  11. I wouldn't go that far. Ryder's merch was selling like hot cakes (maybe it still is, I'm not sure) and he hasn't been treated worth a damn since his token US Title run. He was make a mockery of in the Cena/Kane feud, ate the pin in a stupid ass Mania 12 man tag, and has jobbed back to back weeks since.
  12. This unfortunately.

    WWE makes stars out of who they want to, not who we want. Sad but true.
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