Daniel Bryan and finishers?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Pretty sure there was a thread like this last year around mania time but I figured it was simpler to just produce a new thread than to resurrect a more than a year old dead one.

    What is your opinion on Daniel Bryan and finishing moves? With the current push he is receiving do you think that he should adopt a second finisher (either a submission or impact one) or just stick with the Lebell lock? Or do you have something else in mind all together?

    I am leaning towards two idea. both where he keeps the Lebell lock as his main finisher. In the first one I was thinking he could adopt a secondary finisher that would fit the intensity and hard hitting style of his character. I'd either go for the buzzsaw kick, but that has already been established as his nearfall move so it would need some transitioning for it to work as a finisher. But the other move I was thinking of for a secondary finisher for him was a running knee in the style of Japanese wrestler and king of swagger/"I don't give a fuck" Shinsuke Nakamura.

    I think something similar to Nakamura's could fit Bryan well I think. It can work both from a set up situation (Bryan uses his kicks to get his opponent to his knees, then hits the knee to end it) or from a free flowing sitation (middle of the match/out of nowhere).

    My other idea would be Bryan being set up like Bret Hart in a sense. Where he comes up with new ways to win regularly, that way the fans would never really know how he'd end it and be on their toes.

    What do you think about Daniel Bryan and finishers?
  2. Would be awesome if he gets a second impact finisher. The submission should always be his main finisher - like Cena's AA or Punk's GTS - but impact finishers work wonderfully against guys he can't go over cleanly, or just surprise-win scenarios.
  3. Yeah, the surprise factor would add a lot of excitement to matches. I think Jericho said something similar when he developed the code breaker. That he needed a second finisher that could be "out of nowhere".
  4. Definitely agree, but not sure about the Buzzsaw Kick. It's too much like his regular kicks.

    Hey, if they ever don't have anything for the lil' dude to do, he could get the Knee Trembler passed down from Regal...
  5. Speaking of passing moves down. They acknowledge that Bryan was trained by HBK a lot. How about Sweet chin music?
  6. I think a shining wizard would work but I would also love to see him use Cattle Mutilation
  7. Can see that, especially if he sets it up like he sets up the running knee, doing the chant walking into the corner as the opponent staggers up and then aggressively hitting the opponent with the kick.
  8. They don't need to call it the SCM either, they can personalize the name of it , like Shawn did with the original superkick name.
  9. That's basically it, but I think WWE may put his submission finisher into a secondary role because Bryan could get faster wins.
  10. Another move I could see work for Bryan would be the Rude Awakening neckbreaker (sans gyrations)
  11. Regal-Plex might work since he got trained by Regal and he has used it before. He probably won't be able to perform it on big guys though lol.
  12. Regal Plex is a no go in the WWE as a regular finisher due to the bump it results in, especially if you do a roll through.
  13. Could the God's last gift finisher fit with Bryan? I was watching Tyler Black and thought "it may fit with Bryan's character"
  14. A finisher that results in a pin fall victory would add more variety to him but I definitely vote No to the Sweet Chin Music. I think either the running knee in the video posted or just the roundhouse kick to the head will do. I personally would just condition people to see the Buzzsaw Kick as a finishing move. He already uses it regularly, just have him start pinning people with it. It's something that can be used spontaneously to end the match out of nowhere but I also like the set up of it. When you have your opponents weakened and down on their knees, there is that "Finish Him!" feeling (Mortal Kombat fans will get it) that most all finishing moves have, where the audience knows the killing move is coming and so does the dazed opponent. Given that Bryan uses kicks so much during his matches, it's fitting that one of his finishers would be due to the use of his feet.
  15. If anyone gets SCM from HBK it is Ziggler. Sooooooooooooo :no:
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  16. Can you kayfabe a reason for it? Bryan has kayfabe legitimate claim to it. Dolph does it well and all but he really has no stake on it.

  17. Showstopper/Show Stealer. easy enough. Ziggler is the closest thing we have to a 'new HBK', how would it not work?
  18. I'm not saying that it wouldn't work. But I am saying that it makes more sense in the world of kayfabe to pass the move on to the man who is on screen acknowledge as the protege of HBK rather than the guy who is the possible HBK of his generation. If Bryan wasn't around there wouldn't be a doubt in my head that Dolph should have the superkick but Bryan is there, and he is acknowledged on screen as Shawn's pupil, which gives him a boost to the top of the list of guys to inherit moves from him. Just like with Tyson Kidd inheriting the sharpshooter from Bret.

  19. How many people know that DB was trained by HBK? 2% of the WWE audience? It makes no difference and thus it doesn't 'make more sense' than to give it to the guy who would be the best fit for it. Sweet Chin Music doesn't fit into Bryan's character at all.

    Let's put it this way. If HBK had a segment bestowing Ziggler with the SCM the only person sitting around going "bu-bu-but this should be going to Daniel Bryan!" would be you
  20. Yeah, he needs a secondary impact finisher imo. I'd vote for the Trembler, not only would it be passed from the guy that trained him the most, it can also be used when the guy is down on his knees, so.
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