Daniel Bryan and Kane Tag-team champs

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DashingPerfection, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Wyen I heard about this on WWE.com, I was like, This would be an unstoppable, but it I knew it wouldn't last long. I mean, they used to hate each other, but now they are tag team champions. WTF!?
  2. I think Kane has more acting chops than I gave him credit for. Bryan has really improved as well and together they are hilarious. I honestly lmao every time they are together.
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  3. They were put together well actually, they weren't just a team that got slapped together randomly and forced to like each other, they grew into a team that worked together, they went from hating each other to being friends in an actual process, so I can see them lasting a good while, plus it's great for the tag team division since anything that involved Daniel Bryan will get the fans excited. And also it does get Daniel Bryan a championship around his waist too :pity:
  4. IKR!
  5. Not the right belt but ill take it.... for now
  6. Someone has to bring life back to the tag team division :pity: and who can get the crowd this active besides Daniel Bryan? We all know WWE wouldn't use Cena to do it, and Daniel and Kane just make everything they do funny too.
  7. I love to see them together, it's an awesome storyline.
  8. "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!" "annnd for reasons never quite explained... i have an obsession with torturing .. pete rose"
  9. They're not the tag team champions, I'm the tag team champions!
  10. That's weird because you're not the tag team champions.... I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
  11. It's incredible at the moment. The story of them hating each other, making each other angry, acting like kids but having this connection which results in them sometimes teaming up and saving each other is priceless. Instead of the status quo best friends forever winning the title and then one suddenly turns heel to split them up, we have something pretty unique here. The backstage segments are pure gold, something WWE used to do well but these last few years they've been lacklustre. Also they help restore credibility to what was a dying division. Now we have quite a few cool tag-teams running around. Team Hellno, The Ascention, USO's, Truth/Kofi, Kidd/Gabriel, PTP, we actually have a division where stories are happening.
  12. Ummm...I can name 3 superstars that electrify the crowd better than Bryan Danielson, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels.
  13. Great Segments, Great matches, great storylines. It is the only best team since JeriShow.
  14. I think he was talking about current wrestlers
  15. True but only 1 of the 3 are better at wrastlin'
  16. Ok how about Triple H, Rey Mysterio, and Christian.
  17. @[DashingPerfection] the only one close to Brians level of over of those 3 is Triple H. Bryan is the most over wrestler in the world at the moment with Austin Aries at second place. Bryan had the entire Wrestlemania crowd eating out of his hand and that then spread like a wildfire throughout wrestling and even regular sports. The only guy who has had that kind of response before Bryan was Stone Cold.
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  18. Doubt you can put AA at second place at all lmao.
  19. If you've ever seen kane without tne costume, its not kane, Its Diesel
  20. Kane isn't played by Kevin Nash.
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