Daniel Bryan appreciation thread!

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  1. He's turning a few doubters heads here. People thought he'd never be able to make the big-time leagues with his "limited mic skills". Did anyone see him last night? Almost stole the whole damn show.
  2. Even though it's probably me being a fan boy I'd say he was the best thing currently in the WWE. Such a great cocky prick.
  3. I'd put him up there against Punk & Jericho as the best current stars in WWE. Jericho because of the anticipation, Punk because of what he's already done & will potentially do with Jericho & Bryan because of what he's just started doing :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Daniel is my favorite guy right now. No one really except for John Cena stands out to me.
  5. I really hated Daniel Bryan but he seems to be doing a good job recently, if i'm honest. I was a very big doubter of him, when I was watching TLC live and he cashed it in, I thought what the hell are WWE doing, they're always one step ahead.
  6. Probably in my top 5 now. Love the guy!
  7. A Daniel Bryan appreciation thread? YES! YES! YES!
  8. Lets hope he falls down and breaks his leg so he can't wrestle anymore.

    Pathetic athlete, useless mic skills and a waste of time, hes gaining nothing but huge pushes from WWE, not worth if you ask me.
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  9. Pathetic athlete? 95% of the IWC and loads of other wrestlers think he's the best wrestler in the world. Useless mic skills? You not seen him recently? He's been great.

    Nothing but huge pushes? The guy was given a nerdy gimmick with no mic time only to get buried by Cole.
  10. A quick question how much have you seen of him?
  11. Bryan is good and very rapidly becoming amazing!

    In ring ability fantastic proven time and time again both in ROH an WWE! Obvs was watered down for WWE but is doing excellent and very entertaining to watch needs to be allowed to use his finisher more tho!

    Mic ability rapidly improving is great at being a arrogant tool and blaming everyone but himself for things that happen!

    Love the guy gonna be massive an its great to see both him an Punk taking the WWE by storm!
  12. I've not missed a single show so i have seen everything and he is utter sh!t.
    His mic skills are far from good, in ring ability is OK, gimmick SUCKS i mean him being HEEL just makes everything more worse than it already is.

    He was atleast a slightly better when he was face.
    The morality of this thing is that this guy doesn't deserve to be in the World Champion division, he shouldn't be challenging these huge titles already, i'd rather see Cody with the World Heavyweight Championship than DBryan, Cody is much better than him and he doesn't get what he deserves.

    Daniel Bryan shouldn't have gotten to hold the title for this long, it could have been over from the very first beginning.

    I'm sorry but Bryan thinks he's better than Punk he's having this bad attitude against him which is not impressive at all.
    I believe Punk shouldn't be challenging lower-division superstars, he is the best in the world dammit.

    Actually it doesn't matter to me how good friends Bryan and Punk are, all that does matter is that Daniel Bryan is worthless.
  13. I don't see how you can call his ringwork ok. The "best in the world" CM Punk would most likely admit that DB is the real best in the world... Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson in ROH) was and is a phenomenal wrestler. As I said before, widely regarded as the best in the world. Any Bryan haters (there's still a few out there) never flaw his in ring ability, they only flaw his personality.

    Now when he was first in WWE, I was one of those skeptical of him being a big time player because he bored the absolute crap out of me. I realized it was his crappy gimmick he was given and no time to develop, instead, they do the right thing and give him mic time (he's very good on the mic, check the level of heat he's getting) and change his gimmick to something he's good at. He's a great heel. He's been given a feud with BIG SHOW for Christ sake lmao, and he's getting quadruple the amount of heat that Del Rio got and Rio was handed the Rumble, MITB and 2 WWE Championship reigns to get heat.
  14. I must admit you have an interesting view point on Bryan. However I have to disagree. Bryan Danielson is the best technical wrestler in the world. Or atleast very close to it. Potentially even surpassing Punk, who is a very sloppy executionist, from an in ring stand point. Punk isn't the best in the world that is simply a marketing slogan. I personally wouldn't even class this incarnation of CM Punk as his best work, that is his ROH run from 2004 until dropping the World Title in 2005.
  15. Thats his character though its why he's getting heat!

    I dont imagine he's such a tool in real life!
  16. Seabs it doesn't matter if it's a marketing slogan, Punk is the best at what he does and you can't compare Daniel Crap with CM Punk that's just way out of the line. Like now we've gotten to a whole new level or let us say you took it to a whole new level, Punk is much much much better in the microphone than what Daniel is, he is also a much more better in-ring performer and gains triple the attention Daniel Bryan gains.

    Don't compare these two, no way it wouldn't work.
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    He is the Best Wrestler in the World.
  18. Here come the videos. Warning this will be a long ass post.

    Bryan is better then Punk in the ring. Punk's had classics with Aries, Samoa Joe , John Cena and Rey Mysterio amongst others but Danielson has been more consistent and a better technician for a long time.

    A few examples of this :

    What to keep it solely WWE? Look at the content of the matches. He carried someone who was poor in the ring, The Miz to a good - great match.


    On the mic he's not as strong as Punk admittedly but he's still very good examples include :

    Once again if you want to keep it solely WWE :

    Plus his recent heel work has been very good and gained serious heat.

    Punk got some attention for the first time in a long time because of good booking. The same reason dragon is gaining attention now. Punk was allowed to do something no one else was allowed to on WWE television. Shoot ! Before that he was languishing in the midcard on a run of 8 consecutive PPV losses.

    If anyone wants to hear about what Danielson is like out side of the wwe. I'd advise you listen to his podcasts with Colt Cabana : http://tsmradio.com/coltcabana/2011/11/09/aow-68-daniel-bryan/
  19. Nothing to add except to strongly suggest subscribing to the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana. You'll get some great insight into the real lives of pro wrestlers.

    If I'm remembering correctly, Punk was the guest on the first podcast (which makes perfect sense, of course). The latest show had Mikey Whipwreck and was co-hosted by Punk, so it was pretty cool. Plus, Colt (or as WWE fans will remember him, Scotty Goldman) is a true lover of wrestling and a hilarious guy to boot.


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  20. I'd 'appreciate it' if he could find a way to keep his voice from cracking 10 times per promo.

    I also think Big Show completely outclassed him on the mic tonight in their promo