Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion ?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolphbk, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Quick Question(s)

    I want other peoples opinion on this.
    Do You Think WWE will Pass the Torch From John Cena to Daniel Bryan at Summerslam?


    If So, Do You think Daniel is the right person to be given this oppurtunity to be the next posterboy for the WWE?
  2. I think DB may win the belt, but I don't think he'll become the new face of the company instantly. If he wins clean he'll be a ME fixture but not THE man.
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  3. I want Daniel to win, but I don't think so. Daniel is really great in ring, but John Cena hasn't held it for very long, and I don't think he will just lose it now. I couldn't really picture Bryan as the WWE champion at the moment, but I think if he does win, Orton will cash in.
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  4. I beg to differ i think daniel bryan is going to be "That" Guy if they decide to put the title on him, i mean, He is insanley over.
  5. Daniel Bryan is like the hottest commodity of the company right now. I think he can go as far as being one of the biggest faces.
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  6. Hopefully within the next 5 years, however, not at Summerslam, he may win the belt, but I think Cena's got another 4-5 years as the top guy.

    I can defiantly see him as number 2 or 3 though.
  7. Obvious prediction is Bryan winning the title and Orton cashing in, then Bryan chasing the title and eventually getting it back from Orton.

    He'll be one of the faces of the company, but I don't see him ever being made the face of the entire WWE brand in the long run. He's over with the crowds but that's only one part of it. He's getting his moment right now but in the grand scheme of things, I see guys like him and Punk (and even Ziggler) falling more into the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels/Chris Benoit/Eddie Guerrero/Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho/etc. level of performer and star and not the Hogan/Warrior/Austin/Rock/Cena/etc. level of headliner and star.
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  8. Why is Orton cashing in obvious? He can keep the briefcase for months...
  9. I'm not convinced he'll win, but there's a pretty good chance he will (inb4 lol meltzer). I'd say he has about a 40% chance of winning, which is pretty high considering Cena is his opponent.

    I don't think he'll become the face of the company just like that, IF he does become the face it'll take time.
  10. Um, he will win, but he'll never be the poster boy for the "e"
  11. Why not? I don't understand why people believe he will never be the poster boy. tbh I can't see anyone being the next John Cena other than him.
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  12. The e would have to change everything they've ever looked for in a superstar. I could be wrong but they will most likely main event him when needed but he isnt even much younger than cena, so he's not the next face of company imo
  13. Wouldn't call it impossible that he's the next poster boy. Vince won't let just anyone run him down the way he let Bryan...
  14. I don't think the "E" is looking for certain guys anymore, at this time in need for star power they can't afford to think that. Even though Bryan is close to Cena's age he is in MUCH better shape than he is. Cena has been carrying the company on his back for many years and it's taking a huge toll on him so somebody is going to have to replace him very soon, and I believe Bryan is that guy.
  15. Better shape in terms of what?
  16. John Cena is a lot more weared out than Daniel Bryan, if that makes sense.
  17. Ahh, that's debatable. DB started wrestling right after h.s. in 99, cena didn't start until 2000. They both are in amazing shape imo.
  18. That's not the point though, with Cena being the poster boy for about 7 years he basically breathed wrestling. From my understanding he barely ever got to go home because of all the work he does for the WWE, compared to Bryan who only had to wrestle a match than his day was over. With Cena's career almost coming to an end and Punk talking about retiring they won't really have a choice but to pull the trigger on Bryan. Unless a guy comes out of nowhere and becomes popular.
  19. 7 years as the face of e = Driving around from show to show as bryan did. His day was not done afterwards either. He would have to stay for hours and sign autographs and take photographs. That life is equally if not harder than any job in the "e" That's just my opinion though.
  20. That maybe true, but I still think Bryan is the only guy right now to replace Cena, a man can pray.
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