Daniel Bryan Asks Fans To Help Him Name His Finishing Move

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Nov 23, 2013.

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    WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently did an interview with The Bleacher Report where he discussed giving fans the opportunity to help him name his running knee finishing move. Bryan tweeted a link to the interview, which you can watch below.

    The options for the name of the finishing move are:

    The Yes Strike
    The Bearded Wizard
    Little-Big-Man Knee
    The Aberdeen Face Buster
    The Washington Wizard​

  2. Washington wizard gets my vote
  3. Clearly needs to be called The Bearded Wizard imo.
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  4. Like the aberdeen face buster
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  5. I like the Washington Wizard too. but I do were Washington come into bryan gimmick? he not from that so it make sense. and I still said the Knee move that beat Cena cleanly is good enough.
  6. He's from Aberdeen in Washington state.
  7. But the Washington WIzards are from D.C, not the state. So I can see where some confusion might come in.
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  8. oh I was talk about dc. Washington state that make sense then.
  9. Figured that's what got you confused. No worries.
  10. I love the name "the Kneecapitator" for the running knee strike
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  11. Bearded Wizard ftw.
  12. The you just got knocked the fuck out works better IMO.
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  13. Michael Cole would be so uncomfortable if D-Bry hit that move. "He just knocked him the fuck out! Am I fired yet?"
  14. I had JR in mind mainly. Oh my gawd Bryan just knocked Triple H the fuck out by gawd his nose is broken in half. That boy got whooped like a government mule. Now he has Stephanie not this way he's taking her to the woodshed and now she's busted wide open and Bryan has donned the proverbial crimson mask.
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  15. Aberdeen Face Buster
  16. How about the KENTA Busaiku Knee?
  17. Bearded wizard, no contest.
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  18. Still like "the move that beat Cena clean"
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  19. I'm trying to imagine Michael Cole's voice shouting the name of the move out every time Bryan hits it, and trying to picture what sounds the best.

    I'm going with either The Yes Strike or The Bearded Wizard. Either one works for me.
  20. are 2nding me?
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