Daniel Bryan Blogs on How AJ Can Be a Better WWE Diva

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Posted here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/daniel-bryan-wwe-universe/bryans-blog-things-aj-can-do-to-make-herself-a-better-diva/10150719625906311

    Lol Daniel Bryan is hilarious :laugh:
  2. Epic list. He should cut this as a promo sometime, it would be hilarious.
  3. Daniel Bryan is the best thing in WWE atm.
  4. I feel a disbanding.
  5. He is a genius. I so badly want him to win at 'Mania :emoji_cry:
  6. That's the annoying thing. Something so hot at the moment like DBryan losing to Sheamus, a generic smiley superbabyface is going to be so depressing.
  7. I wouldn't mind it if they don't just drop Bryan post. Having him snap on AJ after losing and going full on best wrestler in the world heel could be great.
  8. Been a DBryan mark ever since my friend took me to see him wrestle in a gym.
  9. You're forgetting what product you're watching. Small guys aren't allowed to be strong, remember?

  10. The match that should've happened at WM - Triple Threat contest unifying the world and wwe championship to determine the best in the world between Punk, Bryan, and Y2J.
  11. You crazy Windy..
  12. Get rid of Punk tbh. Bryan vs Jericho put on a great match on the opening of NXT. God that's a PPV dream match for me tbh, arrogant heel Bryan using all his moveset against Jericho.
  13. Wouldn't want Jericho as a face vs Bryan.

    Bryan vs Punk vs Jericho. Woah.
  14. Is it just me then who prefers face Jericho in ring, he has more flash to his brilliance imo.
  15. I prefer his heel ring work, his mannerisms are godly.
  16. Jericho is much better as a heel. He was the only reason WCW was watchable!!!! Him and disco inferno!
  18. And we are back to all caps......... I guess Ms. Elizabeth gave you some of her "meds"
  19. You don't speak to Daniel Bryan that way. :bury:
  20. D Bryan will make you tap @[Randy Savage]
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