Daniel Bryan cockblock

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. :jeritroll: Taking men away from their women!​

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  2. Stupid ass Natalya trying to further Tyson Kidd's injury with rigorous sexual activity :mad2:
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  3. God, I love Natalya, Great wrestler and hot. What more do you need. She can put me in a sharpshooter any day.
  4. I would step in and make it an Ironman match. Amirite?
  5. Sorry wasn't paying attention, your signature distracted me.
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  6. It's obviously the extra hair he's so enamored by, Nattie :hmm:
  7. Id sex up that wonderful woman daily. like his cock is broken. Like he cant sit in a fucking char and get it. Like there arent other opions.

    This angle is bullshit and makes me dislike Kidd. Im not down with that.
  8. Shitty storyline is shit. Get your shit together E!
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  9. How he didn't stare at those breasts, she's a damn fine woman!
  10. Britanica will love this clip. I've seen at least two different cats.
  11. SOOOOO SCRIPTED! You know Tyson probably shut that ppv off soon as the camera was gone and took care of business. This is why reality shows ruin relationships. The writers want people to look bad then the couple actual fights over the bs script crap they have to say to each other. And I highly doubt Natalya walked out in undies expected Tyson to be all "Lets HAVE SEX!" right on camera. Come on.
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  12. That whole situation was bulllshit. So he brings her to the FUCKING courthouse to get married after all her talk. Then after she gets super pissed (der, didn't see that coming) he "surprises" her with flowers and shes all "Oh my he's so romantic". Fuck you E! for making these god damn scripted "reality shows".

    :umad:Damn straight I am.
  13. Funny how everyone was hating on Total Divas before it started but now everyone's watching and stuff :dawg:
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