Daniel Bryan drafted to RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Anyone else think with him being as over as he is that he'll be moved to the A show? I'm hoping he is to be honest and is moved straight into the main-event, god I'd mark for a Jericho vs Punk vs Bryan feud.
  2. He could, not sure. Jericho vs Punk vs Bryan would be the best.
  3. Raw could use a great heel right now. Most of the heels on the show are good but not great. Then you send someone like Ziggler over to SD and have him feud for the WHC and build him up as a great heel.
  4. Cena vs Daniel Bryan. Make it happen.
  5. Yes, Yes , Yes
  6. Oh. Hell. No.

    Ziggler has already been wasted on SD long enough. Bryan a great heel? He gets bigger face reactions than anyone on the roster right now.
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  7. He's getting bigger reactions than anybody else on the roster right now, yes. They're "face" reactions because the fans on TV are taking their cue from the fans in Miami and London, who treated him like a wronged face, due to the nature of his Mania loss.

    The problem is that people are still cheering him despite the fact that he's still acting like a heel. Of course, if he keeps up the heel character and does something big and evil to Sheamus at Extreme Rules, those cheers will probably become the heel heat they want him to get.

  8. Something big and evil like jobbing in two straight falls? He isn't getting the better of the big Ginger, no way no how.
  9. If you're an amazing heel you eventually get cheered. Orton, even Sheamus are examples of that. People in the end start to like your heel attitude because you're so charismatic when doing it. Can anyone say they didn't laugh pretty much every single Daniel Bryan promo? No that's not him being a bad heel, that's him being too good. He went from being the most boo'd man on the roster for ages to getting loved because he was screwed.

    The last thing I want is a face turn.
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  11. Get that ugly bitch out this thread.

  12. D-Bry should be on RAW as should Ziggler, fml Ziggler jobbing to Brodus has just sent me fuming wtf?

    Split him from Swagger now and get him on the ME!

    D-Bry is getting cheered as a heel as the fans actually appreciate his ability and find him entertaining.
  13. I'm not a fan of hers but it was the only decent gif I could find of someone raising their hand.
  14. You can bet he will be drafted to Raw his yes chant has got him over alot and now he has a new t shirt out that will make alot of money and thats what Vince loves
  15. Who is the ugly bitch?
  16. Taylor SkinnySwift
  17. Taylor 'dat spinal cord' Swift
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  18. That's why I don't know her as I have no idea who the hell she is!

    I kno she sings maybe that's it!
  19. Maybe not send Ziggler to SD like I previously stated but some heel has to go. Smackdown is a good place to build up new heels and let them grow in to parts that are natural for them. Maybe send Swagger instead and give the guy some credibility. Split Dolph from Swagger and Vickie and have Swagger run rampant on SD. Have him feud with Show for starters for the IC title since when you look at Swagger you think he can actually hurt Show. Maybe even turn him face i dunno. Just do something with him that's worthwhile
  20. This as I want a Swagger and Dolph split soon. dolph should be near ME by now.
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