Daniel Bryan DVD release revealed.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 13, 2012.

  1. wwedvdnews.com reported that the release date for the upcoming Daniel Bryan DVD has been revealed. The DVD will feature five memorable matches Bryan has had in the WWE and will be released on August 7th. Ironically the same date as Sheamus DVD.

    Cena and Ryders DVD's will be released on July 10th.

  2. I think I might buy that, first I will since Eddie's.
  3. Bryan DVD? I'll watch it for sure.
  4. Shocked he's getting one so early tbh.
  5. I'm also thinking it was early, not many matches to put on, but I think it'll be nice.
  6. It's not one like the Edge, Rock or HBK/Bret DVD's. This is just a collection of matches combined into a one hour DVD with some commentary added. Not a history of his life.
  7. I hope it includes his RoH stuff, otherwise it'll be a pointless DVD.
  8. 5 memorable WWE matches. WWE only since it's produced by them.
  9. I'm pretty sure it'll only feature WWE matches.
  10. Wait, a Ryder DVD? What the heyul?
  11. I hadn't even noticed that. A ryder DVD? :urm:
  12. Dude is over. Despite the attempts of creative to change that.
  13. What does the Ryder DVD contain? Career highlights? What career highlights?

    Guess it's just a Z-True Long Island Story DVD
  14. Five memorable matches Ryder's been in. This can then include him when he was teaming with Edge, him being tag team champ etc.
  15. Too early to release a dvd on him imo but he has had great matches but it would be better if it was released in a couple of years.
  16. Agreed.

    It would only work of it had clips from RoH etc.
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