Daniel Bryan Expected Back By Next January

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 2, 2014.

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  1. http://whatculture.com/wwe/daniel-bryan-wont-return-from-injury-until-wwe-royal-rumble-2015.php

    I wonder what this means for Roman Reigns' push. Clearly (as the article states) their intentions are for Reigns to become the next breakout star while Bryan gets positioned as the #3 guy but as we saw earlier this year, that doesn't mean plans will quite work out that way. The fans may be so hot for Bryan again that the WWE will be left with no choice but to book him to win the Royal Rumble and become champion again by defeating either John Cena or (urgh) Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. My personal feelings are that Bryan almost has to win the Royal Rumble now. The whole story of having your title stripped from you after sustaining an almost career-ending injury in your first title defense (a title won after spending months and months of going through hell to get it back), and then fighting back from the injury and winning the Rumble and then regaining the championship at Wrestlemania pretty much writes itself.

    Next year's Rumble should be real interesting, to say the least.
  2. You think fans are going to force them to change their Wrestlemania main-event again? Lesnar (c) vs. Reigns sounds a lot better than Orton (c) vs. Batista. Won't happen. Hopefully we get Bryan vs. Angle at Wrestlemania, which Angle has already said he wants to do.
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  3. I think Reigns vs Cena is a lot more likely next year than Reigns vs Lesnar. They're already planting the seeds for it and I seriously, seriously doubt Lesnar is keeping the championship from August to April. They're not gonna go eight straight months where the WWE Championship is never defended on house shows.

    Also, if the fans are rapid enough to see Daniel Bryan become champion again, then yes, WWE should find it wise to have him win the Rumble this time around. They wouldn't want a repeat of the same scenario that they were faced with this year.
  4. Bryan is going to be too over to be #3 in the short term atleast imo. I'm guessing Bryan loses the Rumble to Reigns,Cena loses the title at EC to Bryan and the run the re-match to a triple threat. It could happen the other way round actually but yeah that seems to work in my mind.
  5. people are going to be over Bryan. we've seen his little Cinderella story play out. we don't need to see It again
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  6. D-Bry - 2015 Royal Rumble winner? YES, please! They'd better right the wrong that they did this year by not letting him win the RR.
  7. I doubt it,has any seriously over performer returned from an injury and lost overness?
  8. On top of that, has any injured performer returned right around the time of the Rumble and yet lost the Rumble match itself? HHH and Cena both returned from serious injuries and won their respective Rumbles (HHH in '02, Cena in '08.) Austin in '01 counts too, even though he'd already been back for four months before then.
  9. Bryan will still be huge because the main-event picture is so thin these days. But he won't win the Rumble, or ever main-event a Wrestlemania again imo.

    Well, yeah obviously, Sheamus this year, for example.
  10. Edge did it too didn't he? Yeah you're probably right actually.
  11. In all fairness, Sheamus had fallen down the totem pole by his return this year and no one plausibly thought he would win. He wasn't anywhere near as over as the other guys who have won after returning from injury, or Bryan.

    Forgot all about Edge. He won the 2010 match.
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  12. Let's put this into perspective for Daniel Bryan:
    The Rock never walked out of WM with the WWE championship and he was never, ever booked stronger than Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was, however, their #1 PR guy and being groomed for the #1 spot before he left in 2001. It was in 2001, that Vince had to realize the writing was on the wall that the Rock had a better gig. By 2002, the new generation was here to usurp the Attitude Era.

    Bryan, as popular as he is, hasn't surpassed Cena. He is a bit old-ish being 33 on his way to being 34. His revenue numbers aren't too favorable and shoulder/neck injuries are extremely scary stuff. WWE doesn't want to halt Reigns momentum for a 34 year old, with a bum neck who's numbers are as a draw sketchy. Neck injuries are scary. They've taken out Austin, Edge, Benoit and Kurt Angle to name a few.

    I've had the same issues as Bryan has and it is a neck issue. It's extremely painful, even to train. That nerve is required to lift weights and build your upper body. Bryan needs all the strength he can get. Will WWE halt Reigns because the Universe 'like' Daniel Bryan? The numbers say not so much. What we may have here is a Mick Foley type of situation, which is fine by me.
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    33/34 isn't old at all lol. I know it's older for a physical athlete than it is for a normal person, but barring any spontaneous event where Bryan is forced into retirement because of his already existing injuries, he could still go for another ten or fifteen years. Most wrestlers can still perform well into their forties. Age is sometimes just a number. I agree that Reigns will almost certainly get the push at next year's Wrestlemania, but in the long run, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a repeat of The New Generation Era where they intend on making the big guy the new face of the company (Diesel and now Reigns) but the smaller, more technically-gifted wrestlers end up overtaking him and outshining him in popularity anyway (Bret and Shawn back then, and Bryan now.)

    And where did you read that Bryan's merchandise wasn't selling well? He's #2 behind John Cena the last I checked.
  14. Bryan returning to win the Royal Rumble would be great but I still would love to see Bryan vs Angle and Cesaro vs Lesnar - Reigns just isn't good enough for me to be the guy to beat Lesnar but hopefully his in-ring work and mic work drastically improve.
  15. So, the Rumble winner is a lock already, right? They better have him challenge Lesnar at WM, the story writes itself, and would have an even bigger impact than this year's story.
  16. Being #2 in, and of itself, is misleading. Cena has so much stuff on the market, its unbelievable.
    This isn't like being the #2 guy in past years. Savage was a #2, Rock was a #2, Punk was a #2 and Sting was a#2.
    I'm not sure, but just because you have more items doesn't indicate they are all selling.
    It's possible that the limited items Punk has left is still selling more than Daniel Bryan.
    If you took Rey at his peak, Jeff Hardy at his peak and CM Punk at his peak they all probably beat Bryan's peak in terms of merch.

    33/34 wasn't old in the previous regime, but HHH is putting his stamp on NXT. He's eager to make those guys stars.
    Daniel Bryan also has 15 years under his belt working a high risk style, wrestling guys far bigger.
    Guys like HHH and Flair perform far lower risks than Bryan ever has. This was why I brought up his age.
  17. January? Da fuq
  18. These Royal Rumble returns tend to be anti-climactic don't they?
    HHH, Edge, Cena and Batista all had their first match back at the Rumble and neither Road to WM was that spectacular.
    Of those 4, Cena's was the only one I'd deem as truly a success but he still failed to win at Mania.
    Of course John Cena was thirty years of age with less mileage than the other 3.
  19. Huh. Assuming he does return at the Rumble... I'm not really sure he'll get it. It seems like they're determined to give the belt to Reigns at WM (and him vs Cena sounds likely imo, moreso than Brock), so I don't think Bryan will get the main event for the belt again. They may bring him back before the Rumble and set a feud up for him so he doesn't return in the match to lose, don't think he'll win.
  20. Great take.
    Inserting him in a feud with Bray Wyatt/Seth Rollins (or any other high profile competitor) for Royal Rumble, rather than the Rumble itself is appealing.

    If he comes out of that match strong enough, getting screwed at Elimination Chamber keeps his momentum. As Wrestlemania rolled around, the individual he faces (possibly Sheamus or Barrett) would take the loss. With Reigns as champion after Wrestlemania, Bryan would have strong enough momentum to warrant a high profile match with Reigns. I can't speculate win Bryan would win the title again because his injury has really forced WWE to push Reigns to the top of the company.

    WWE could always have Bryan win Elimination Chamber and lose the title in a Triple Threat to Reigns at Mania but I'm not sure a Triple Threat for the second Mania in a row is the best avenue to take. Bryan fans aren't going to be happy with things, either way.
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