Daniel Bryan Fans Are Following Social Media Trend Instead of Truly Caring That He's Overlooked

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  1. Daniel Bryan Fans Are Just Following Social Media Trend Instead of Truly Caring That He's Overlooked

    WWE fans worldwide are upset with the direction of the company. At no point in the history of sports entertainment, have fans been so vocal about their displeasure. Social media gives those fans a platform to manifest their anger. Followers of the WWE are witnesses to the anger directed towards the company. WWE fans have always been seen as an emotional and passionate group, so it is no surprise that they're have no problem letting the company know how they feel when things aren't going their way.

    Most of that anger comes from the WWE's decision to keep Daniel Bryan's career at a standstill, while superstars like Randy Orton, John Cena, and Batista take up most of the spotlight. The fans want, and demand that their hero, Bryan, is crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan's fans have hijacked WWE programming with huge cheers in hopes of drowning out his wrongdoers and the superstars who they deem as undeserving.

    The fans chant "Yes!" when they know it will irk the company's big shots, like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who have taken most of the blame for withholding Bryan from rising in the ranks of the company. The WWE has done their best to use the controversy as fuel for their programming, but the fans have only grown more angry and restless. Things reached a boiling point when Batista won the Royal Rumble - earning himself a spot to compete for the title at Wrestlemania XXX.

    The fans of course thought that he took the honors away from Bryan, who they believe should have the honor of headlining the biggest show of the year. The conflict between fan and company is unnecessary, but fans refused to patient. There was a time where they had no choice but to take what the company gave them. Now, due to social media outlets, the fans are bolder and more demanding than the fans of the Attitude Era were.

    The solution to this problem is for the fans to be patient with the WWE, just as they have always been. What they fail to realize is not everyone wants to see Bryan in the spotlight, even though a lot of fans do. The WWE is a business, and they will always do what is best for the company. Crowning Bryan as champion will not increase sales, nor will it change the future of wrestling. All it will do is make the fans happy temporarily; until they find the next thing to complain about. What started as a whisper, spread like a deadly virus. Bryan's mistreatment became another social media trend, and it caught the attention of fans worldwide. Like all trends, it will pass and things will go back to the way they were.

    The WWE will eventually give Bryan a run as WWE champion. I am sure that was always their plan, but it was to be done on their time, not when their customers demand it. I just hope the WWE Universe does not think this trend will continue and they will be able to dictate whom the company decides back by crowning them as champion. That inevitably would be a horrible business decision.

    Give Bryan's fans what they want for now and let them be happy that their prayers have finally been answered. After his time is up, the company will be able to move on. There will once again be room for other wrestlers to get the attention they deserve and fans will show appreciation for former superstars when they make their return to the ring. There will be a new trend going around the WWE. Let us just hope that it isn't fueled by angry, misguided fans that are fighting against their own love for wrestling.

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  2. Hmm, I wouldn't say it has much to do with the marks just following a trend. They want to see him pushed, and this is how they're showing it - it's got nothing to do with fitting in or being trendy.
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  3. Well I think so, it is my opinion is all. Nothing big just my opinion and that is yours
  4. Not much of a choice in the voting section.

    However, Some Daniel Bryan fans are actually enjoying the matches he is having with Bray Wyatt more then anything. As a fan of Bryan I personally enjoy him in that feud rather then feuding with the 'Big Stars' of WWE As the big stars would only be pushed higher then Bryan.

    Right now WWE's focus is to deal with this Batista issue and possibly Alberto's contract expiring.

    Just a little advice before I finish this, You should really give the voting section an actual chance for actual opinions, Otherwise there really isn't any need for the poll to be used.
  5. I was just being humorous bro, no big deal.
  6. In case you might not know, I am the guy who wrote the "Daniel Bryan's Fans Are Ruining WWE Programming" article lol.
  7. I do remember. And I'd rather not speak of that subject as it has been closed for obvious reasons.
  8. Just making sure you are not one of those people with something against me because they did not agree with my opinion is all.
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    The issue is though fans and people no longer have patience. In the modern fast paced world we now live in its something that people have less and less of. In a time when most things people want such as music, films, TV etc... are available instantly on the internet people are less willing to wait for the big pay off. They want it now and that is what they are used to with most things being only a few clicks away on the internet, easy to stream, download or purchase. Also things are often available within mere hours of being released so its become the norm for people to expect things instantly.
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  10. Dude we get it you don't like Bryan change the record.
  11. I think the true Daniel Bryan fans are just mad because Daniel is being held back, even though he is extremely over. He hasn't had a decent world title reign, and they didn't even feature him in the Royal Rumble. Yeah, there are some people that follow some of this stuff because it's a trend, but there are also a good amount of people that are actually fans of Daniel Bryan.
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  12. I like your post, good read. However, I disagree with you on this portion of your post. "The solution to this problem is for the fans to be patient with the WWE, just as they have always been. What they fail to realize is not everyone wants to see Bryan in the spotlight, even though a lot of fans do. The WWE is a business, and they will always do what is best for the company. Crowning Bryan as champion will not increase sales, nor will it change the future of wrestling. All it will do is make the fans happy temporarily."

    This is not the solution to the issue. I disagree 100%. When fans boo an entire PPV event, one of their biggest events of the year, simply because they're belittling DB, that's a big issue and makes WWE look like asses. I cant remember the last time, or if there ever was one, where an entire event was booed because of one superstar being belittled. That happened at the RR.

    You stated that not everyone wants DB in the spotlight? So, let's say 90% do, that's not enough to push him over? His merchandise sales and crowd reactions are good for business. And pushing Batista is better as of right now? Because WWE knows what's best for business? I don't think so at all. In fact, Dave being pushed is nothing more than a friendship with Triple H backstage. I'd lay money on that bet. Sure, Batista can sell some tickets; a lot of superstars can do that. But did he need to win the Rumble and belittle DB? No, not at all. In the end, it's not always about what's best for business in WWE; it's about who's playing good politics and who's friends with upper management.

    Crowing Bryan as champion may not increase sales drastically, true, but it will solidify him as a top contender and confirm that he's in the "big leagues." Also, when has Bryan going to the top been about "changing the future of wrestling?"....it's about him getting what he deserves and what the crowd wants at the time. People wanted Stone Cold and The Rock during the attitude area. What did they get? Stone Cold and The Rock. Fans want Bryan now and what do they get....Batista....Orton.....and Cena all over again....they wanted Bryan to face Sheamus at Mania for God's sake: once again, belitting.

    And even though I disagree that this is not a temporary thing (making DB champion), what is wrong with making us temporarily happy? You act like that's bad. lol.
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  13. I agree with you..but why should we have patience....I mean think about it...and in all reality, we have been patient. DB started becoming bigger around Summerslam last year....and now, 8 months later, we're still waiting for him to have his break through title run. What do we get instead? Batista and Orton. Something is wrong. And 8 months of patience is long enough. When Bryan beat Cena, his reign should've started.
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  14. Oh you handsome :ksi:
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  15. I actually quite like DB myself, and I can understand why a lot of fans do, he's a very good character and I wouldn't say he was overrated at all, what I would say is that he is being held back, IMO I think he would make a great champion, and if given a proper spell at it, he has the potential to be on of the best. I think it is inevitable he will eventually be champion. At the moment I think WWE are thinking, we own the company and not the fans, and that's why they will not give it DB, in all honesty I expect him to to win the title when we least expect it. Giving it either Batista or Lesnar is a joke for me though.

    Although I have only just started watching it again, from reading various articles and reading the forum that is what I'm basing my views on.
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  16. To be honest I think the booing at RR was more the fact it was a poor choice to let Batista win it, and of course it didn't help not having DB in the rumble, what was the actual reason for this? is it down to WWE showing the fans who is boss and they will not back down by giving the fans what they want right now? On a whole I would love DB to have a proper stint at the belt, I think he has the character that could see him be one of the best we have had.

    I agree with this part completely, I think the only reason Batista is getting another shot now is because of his backstage relationship with Triple H.
  17. True Batista winning the Rumble was a BIG part of it. However, throughout the entire Rumble PPV, the crowd was chanting "YES!" and only cheered for one match--DB and Bray. They cheered insomuch that they got a "this is awesome" chant going for that match. The rest of the night was stale because WWE threw together crappy matches and on top of that, DB was no where to be found. I feel that DB was the main reason why so many fans booed the whole event. He was clearly belittled and everyone knew it. Not having him in the rumble only solidified that point.
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  18. It's really amazing how patient the fans HAVE been. He lost the title, fans got excited for the Authority storyline. He lost it after Night of Champions, that's okay, he'll get his in the end. Got screwed over by Shawn in the Cell, it's okay, too soon to put the title on him. Got depushed in favor of the Big Show, that sucks but he needs to win the belt at 'Mania. Feuds with the Wyatts, it's a big elaborate work to piss off the fans and get them behind Bryan even more, he's winning the Rumble anyway... Then Batista wins the Rumble...

    The whole thing was about how there's this big carrot at the end of the stick called "The Babyface Will Eventually Get His" and we all thought it would be when fans wanted it most - at the Royal Rumble. Since he didn't win it... when's he gonna get it? They've really gotta answer this. This is the best, most well-done storyline in a long time, and it seems like they had no plans on paying it off. That's why the fans are so pissed off... that and the whole "WWE won't listen to us" thing.

    I doubt Dave is being pushed for Triple H's reasons, more "He's in a Marvel movie and was a big star from the past" reasons, in that order, but it's easy to tell why the fans aren't buying it. He comes across completely apathetic, his mic work has been appalling and was completely gassed doing fuck-all in the Royal Rumble in 2014 when fans are clamoring for a new era with new stars and WWE gives us yet another dude who was on top in 2005. Watched the Rumble with my best friend who was a huge Dave mark and even he was pissed that Batista won after being teased with an even bigger badass who was new and infinitely cooler in Roman Reigns.

    Lots of it also is lack of faith in Creative. Kofi Kingston in 2009, looked like he was on the fast track to the main events and everyone loved it until he was too "stupid, fucking stupid". The Miz in 2010 looked like the shining heel they could want in this era who everyone could hate, who had all the charisma in the world, but then they fed him to Cena and he's been nothing ever since. Del Rio could have capitalized and became a pretty big star right off the bat... how long it would have lasted, who knows... but ever since they put it off and put it off and finally gave him the belt later, nobody cared. Remember how over Ryback was in 2012 before he lsot his aura feuding with the Shield and then turned heel for no reason at all and has been the gum under your shoe since? And don't even get me started on Dolph Ziggler in 2013, incredible just how far he's went from "insanely over" to "not a single person can possibly care". Why should we believe WWE will go all the way with Bryan?
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  19. Biased journalism is biased.
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  20. I hope this is not directed at me lol
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