Daniel Bryan finally meets biggest fan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. No not you Danielson, this kid takes the cake.

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  2. Excuse me while I cry from this beautiful moment.
  3. That kid has great form, let's hope he beat his disease and becomes the next DB!
  4. What a humbling nice guy, he would probably be the person I'd want to meet the most to be honest.
  5. So awesome to see this.
  6. Who is the woman on D right?
  7. Kid's mom
  8. My heart goes out to Connor. He is an amazing kid, and Daniel Bryan is also an amazing human being. Daniel Bryan gives me hope!



  9. Here's the video of the kid asking to meet Daniel.
  10. I know some people who would disagree about him being Bryan's biggest fan.
  11. @[Danielson]
  12. This is pretty cool to see. Bryan is a cool dude.
  13. I've met him at a show in akron. He is awesome, as is everyone in ROH to their fans.
  14. Re: RE: Daniel Bryan finally meets biggest fan

    Didn't Aries punch a fan at one point?
  15. I remember seeing this a while ago.
    Didn't know he had cancer.
  16. Those pictures are adorable. What a great guy.
  17. The Awesomeness of Daniel Bryan

    No, this is not a thread devoted to how great on the mic, in the ring, or wherever that Daniel Bryan is (although, if you wanted to turn it into that, I won't stand in the way). It's actually a thread to give me a chance to post the following story:

    videoDaniel Bryan Versus Kid with Cancer

    Check it out.


  18. Moved as a thread has already been made :pity:

    But yeah, so awesome, it's a shame WWE won't make as big a deal out of this as they do with Cena and B A Star, cause it just instantly makes you smile.
  19. And moved back since you put the merged thread in the wrong section :pity:
  20. Stories like this remind you that the world is a beautiful place!
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