Daniel Bryan got royally screwed

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. Daniel Bryan got royally screwed that poor guy has busted his ass for a long time on the indys and in WWE and this is how the McMahons treat him they screw him out of the WWE title and instead make Randy Orton WWE champion who is dull as dish water. So fucking wrong
  2. So fucking right.

    Gets us a great feud, Brilliant matches. Did you watch Barrett vs Bryan on SD!? That was great and look back at Orton Vs Bryan Street Fight, It was great.
  3. Was it great?
  4. I really enjoyed it.

  5. It was good,not great. Probably the only watchable thing from last week's Smackdown imo.
  6. You didn't get the joke :downer:
  7. I got it,I just tend to ignore your whore-ish nature.
  8. I guess beating Cena clean wasn't enough to satisfy you :downer:
  9. Stop being so goddamn stupid and let the feud play out
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  10. ...I really try to ignore this, but ran over here to find the "What makes WWEF so great!" after seeing a bunch of people bitch about "Waaah! Daniel Bryan got Screwed! They ruined his big moment! Wahhh!" and wanted to talk up the intelligence of the people on here not doing that...

    Then BLFFL showed up and made this thread.

    Look, Daniel Bryan went over Cena 100% clean. The only other person who's done that in the last 4 years was the Rock.
    He's the #1 babyface right now now that Cena's gone. Vince trusts Daniel Bryan to carry the company. DANIEL BRYAN.
    He's the main protagonist going up against a corporate stable. People are comparing his booking to Austin or Mankind.
    Not only that, but he got a HUGE pop when he won the belt. Everyone was excited, and now we get to follow his rise to getting the belt back and he gets that pop AGAIN.
    And "dull as dish water" Randy Orton and the spotlight-hogging Triple H makes the perfect bad guys, don't they?

    Hate saying this, but if you have anything bad to say about Bryan's booking, just do yourself a favor and stop watching wrestling.
    But in your defense, I assume you're angry just as a mark. That's good. This pissing you off should make Bryan winning the belt even more special, so yay?
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  11. I havent watched Smackdown yet so thanks for spoiling that. And people go on at me for spoiling stuff
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    Did we spoil the result? NO!

    If you haven't watched it yet its your fault, This is Sunday night and it was available Thursday afternoon. Dont come on a wrestling forum days after a show has aired and say "OH MAH GERD YOU SPOILED IT!". Theres a difference between spoiling a taped show weeks in advance when it hasn't aired and spoiling a show that aired days ago.
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  13. Im just giving back to all those that shit on me for when i post a thread on something
  14. Giving back? Shit on your in threads? Well if you didnt act like you know nothing and letting your liking for someone cloud legitimate thoughts then maybe they wouldnt have to.
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  15. Try looking at the bigger picture for a change.
  16. ''letting your liking for someone cloud legitimate thoughts then maybe they wouldnt have to''

    ^^^ That dont make sense

    Anyways back on topic Daniel Bryan was royally screwed and this bullshit is obviously gonna last for months WTF
  17. It makes perfect sense. You are such a fanboy over Kelly Kelly that you cant admit she is a horrible wrestler.
  18. :lol1:
  19. Adam - im a girl why the fuck havent you got that in your head yet? and im just a fan of Barbie
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