Daniel Bryan (guess it still counts as a spoiler)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. A lot of ROH fans loved Bryan Danielson not just for the great worker, but because he represented their different sort of talent. Not only can this little bitty submission specialist do amazing stuff in the ring, but he'd never last in a place like WWE, would he?

    Fast forward five years and sweet Jesus is that guy over! If you haven't seen Smackdown check it out if only for the ending to the main event. Daniel Bryan takes out the Shield in a semi-believable manner (it's not stale when he does it), then he leads the crowd in a Yes chant. he yells "I AM NOT THE WEAK LINK", and they show massive, massive sections of the audience all chanting for him. This little dude had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand.

    In today's day of meh babyfaces and mixed reactions for Cena, there's no way they can turn this guy heel. No way.

    And we all said he'd never make it.
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  2. I haven't watched Smackdown yet, but now I can't wait :emoji_slight_smile:.

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  3. Him busting out the standing figure four MMA elbows on Rains got me so nostalgic it wasn't even funny.
  4. Holy Shat, i had a mini seizure. I Yelled and twitched and watch was watching with intensity, sorta started sweating from all the excitement.
  5. By the way a Rollins Bryan fued needs to happen so much. I could watch Rollins sell German suplexes all day.
  6. It needs to happen and most likely will happen. At least a singles match between the two. They bring out the best in each other.
  7. Tagging Danielson to make sure he sees this.
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  8. Fucking incredible. Going to watch it again now. I love WWE atm for pushing this guy like he deserves to be pushed. Bryan and Y2J are by far the most over two on the roster, with Punk as well. Jesus. My three top guys <3
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  9. Saw SmackDown was on SS2 thing morning, flicked it on for the last 20 minutes. That ending was EPIC! Please don't turn this man heel.

  10. For those who haven't seen it.

    As much as I like Ziggler he needs to move over. D-Bry wants his big gold belt back.
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  11. Damn it never gets old. Fucking awesome.

    I have a feeling Kane is the one that turns heel, and that will be Daniel's first feud after the split. Daniel goes over cleanly, and goes on from there.
  12. That video almost made me cry. :yay:

  13. Considering how Kane praised Bryan in the ring after the beatdown and how they didn't cut away from it (They even showed him telling Bryan he was the best in the world) I think they will go their separate ways with Bryan moving into singles contention. If Ryback picks the belt off John then Bryan would be a top contender. Or for Dolph's belt. He's one of my fore runners for winning one of the briefcases.
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    Oh, and don't forget your #4 guy pseudo-leading a faction that's taking out main eventers. You must be a really happy Crayo (if you forget the whole Henry thing -.-)

    Just watched this for the fifth time, still mark like a little baby eating his first Snickers.

    Them just shaking hands and seperating apart as singles faces could be a really good ending to this story. Who knows, maybe Dr. Shelby could come out and applaud them getting over all their issues with one another before they get all tough and yell at him again? :yay:
  15. Now that he's going to be more serious he needs to get a haircut. The beard I can handle, but it's time for a trim up top.
  16. Same boat as 1st reply, havent watched but am pumped to see it. Funny how we sit through shit we hate to see the one-two people we love to see perform.
  17. I hope he goes back to the :yes: stuff :emoji_grin:
  18. Marked out so much for that (and for the forearms during the Reigns match too), that ending was so so great. Oh, good booking.
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