News Daniel Bryan health update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Good for Bryan that it's all cleared.
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  2. Thank you brother for fantastic news.
  3. Fantastic news for everyone involved, always great to hear somebody recovered from an injury. :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. hope he is really OK an they aren't rushing him back
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  5. Hope its just a troll on wwe's behalf. lol
  6. Looks fine to me:

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  7. Im glad hes ok and I think its best he doesnt do any ring action til the Royal Rumble
  8. Love that picture.
  9. Fantastic news! So damn excited for Raw now! My favourite part was almost ripped away from me :yes:
  10. Nice to hear the report, hopefully he's 100%.
    Hate to see him get rushed back when he's not and get hurt worse.
  11. DB's boring ass character? if he's not wrestling what appeal is there
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  12. His wrestling, the best part of Raw for me.
  13. He likely isn't wrestling until the RR. I'm saying without having a match the dude is boring as fuck
  14. I'm sure Orton Brock and maybe Batista will take up 90% of RAW tonight, with a recap or four of the cage match from last week. Not a big deal.
  15. He's an improved speaker, but I can see what you're saying I guess
    That would be like me saying, what good is D'Z unless he is selling, because that dude sounds like a 15 year old female.
  16. :booker:
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  17. You mean DZ? He's a wrestler. I'm D'Z.
  18. I was under the impression you were the real life dolph ziggler. Fuck
  19. don't I wish
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  20. I know I do
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