News Daniel Bryan Injury Update

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 25, 2015.

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    It could be career-ending? Okay, I'm taking this with a grain of salt and I'm sincerely hoping it ain't true.
  2. Aww damn it. I don't want for him to risk his health to come back but I really could do with some D-Bry in WWE. After so long, it would be nice to see him on RAW every week. He's my favourite wrestler :emoji_cry:
  3. Given that Meltzer's name is on the report I'll wait until either Bryan or WWE confirm it.
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  4. Well, he said Bret Hart said it was career ending. Not sure I'd take his word.
  5. It's not looking good. Seem as if he's going out in a whimper.
  6. Hope DB recovers well. Would suck to see him go like this.
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  7. It sucks if his career has to end here without even getting a proper reign with the WWE Championship, but that's generally the way life happens much of the time, unfortunately (depressingly as it is.) Just when he improbably makes it to the top, his career is over.

    The good part is, he can at least say he proved all of his critics and even the WWE machine itself wrong by showing that even somebody his size can make it to the top. And yeah, he isn't the first 'small' guy in WWE history to make it to the promised land, but he's one of only a few. And the way the audiences literally hijacked shows for weeks and even months on end until the company was forced to push him was truly a unique scenario that has never quite been seen before.

    At the end of the day, he accomplished just about everything there was to accomplish from a kayfabe perspective - WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, Tag Team Champion, MITB winner, main evented Wrestlemania, main evented Summerslam, etc. - and that's something he can proud of at the end of the day if he never gets the opportunity to compete in the squared circle again.
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  8. That sucks. Not his biggest fan, but he earned what he got. He deserves a better ending then this
  9. Sorry guys, but he brought it all on himself by continuously doing stupid shit inside the ring. Even after the YES! phenomenon, he still felt he needed to be workrate heavy and do rough strikes, dives and headbutts he learned by watching Dynamite Kid, Chris Benoit, Great Sasuke, Shinjiro Otani, Johnny Saint and Michinoku Pro tapes. He could've remained over by the sheer rep and by doing the good old less-is-more institute. But no, let's exchange multiple headbutts with Ziggler and Sheamus. Sadly, he never really adjusted his in-ring style to his age, which is stupendously ironic cosidering he has like 300 different moves in his arsenal.
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  10. This is true. I remember his first night back from the first neck injury he was doing some crazy suicide dives, and also kept taking neck bumps. I'm really not surprised also.
  11. Can WWE even push this guy again? All he does is get injured at the height of his push.
  12. Sadly not. Which sucks.
  13. He and Mark Henry should form a tag team called "Team Durability"
  14. I hope he retires and finds happiness with his bride. There isn't anything swell about headache and memory loss.
  15. Damn, his career was so short too, both big title reigns lasting only a month, I mean this teaches us something, we're all people who love seeing Daniel Bryan guys in the ring but we never care about the risks they take.
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