Daniel Bryan Interview: Difference Between WWE & The Indys

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    In an interview with The Brisbane Times, WWE’s Daniel Bryan revealed why he is no longer a vegan, among other things. Here are some highlights.
    Differences between working for WWE and the independent circuit: “Wrestling-wise, there’s a huge difference. You see me on the television, that can be under 10 minutes … on the independent circuit the longest match I ever did was, I think, 76 minutes.”
    Why he is no longer a vegan: “It was hard being a vegan on the road, but that’s not why I stopped being a vegan. I developed a soy intolerance. I have to bring a lot of food with me, and sometimes customs agents are not sympathetic to my plight [laughs from us both]. Being a vegan without soy is very, very difficult.”
    What’s independent in his heart: “Think how you want. Create how you want. I love wrestling because it’s an act of creativity, despite that you’re on TV and work for this massive corporation. Nobody’s telling me exactly how to wrestle … sometimes they’ll tell me, ‘You shouldn’t do this’, then the fire inside me … I know wrestling isn’t exactly changing the world, but it’s a small act of defiance.

    “I have no interest in being rich. I have no interest in being famous. Everything in the media is telling you, ‘Buy, buy, buy.’ I don’t want to buy anything. Once your needs are met, then you don’t need anything else.”​
  2. 76 minutes of DB? Sounds good. But as far as match times in WWE go there's really no one to blame, if they're on TV they have to time everything carefully, if it's just a non-televised event they can go for much longer.
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