Daniel Bryan is an idiot

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by martyjannetty39, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. If it was not for Daniel Bryan's great wrestling ability he would be nowhere people. He is an moron who walks around chanting yes and previously no. Does anyone else think this is nonsense? Please let me know. Bryan was a heel and for a time and someone had the idea of yelling no all the time and just being an all around negative guy. Then somewhere in some room a new and revolutionary idea was thought up.....Turn Bryan face and flip that no to a yes. This turn propels him to super stardom....Amazing. I am not surprised they did not include him in the Rumble itself. I think the WWE has had enough of the yes nonsense. They have brought Batista back....time to phase out Bryan.
  2. He will get into the HOF though.
  3. lol this again
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  4. Woahh.. This can't be serious? I'm not even a DB mark and I can tell you that I couldn't disagree more with you.. Phase Batista's ass out who's only in it to get buzz trending on his name so he can promote his new movie. DB Stays bro!
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  5. Obviously he will get into the HOF. They let everyone in that place. Bryan has already surpassed what the Ultimate Loser and KoKo B Ware did.
  6. I don't know homie they don't like him anymore. It's not my decision. He wasn't even in the Rumble. Sorry but it's Batista time.
  7. It's an extremely over chant. Who cares how annoying it is just as long as it's over with the crowds.

    WWE are the ones acting moronic here. If Bryan was at least 6'0 tall and somewhere between 240-260 lbs. (as long as the extra weight was due to muscle, not fat), he would have already had a long reign with the WWE Championship by now (and I don't say this as some huge Daniel Bryan mark. I'm really a rather moderate fan of his at best actually, I'm just speaking the truth.)
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  8. No. He said Yes before the No chants if you actually watched his WHC reign. You can't say that he "would suck without his abilities" because his abilities are never gonna leave.
  9. lol the WWE may not think DB is the way to go but that's why the WWE Universe is there to back him to show him support that way they can get them to change their minds! No matter how they write his character if he stays over how does that make him an idiot?
  10. I actually like DB myself, granted I've not watched WWE for a little while (Royal Rumble is the first one for a good while) but like you say he does have good wrestling ability, add on that WWE have actually used him in some bloody good storylines as well, I don't know anything about this Wyatt feud, but it looks like it was a good one, so after RR I will be going back through the feud to see how it panned out.

    As good as Batista used to be, I can't say I am even bothered about his return tbh.
  11. LOL Whoaaaaa!......Pump your brakes special guy. Oh sorry I didn't "actually" see WHC reign, I guess I had better things to do.....missed it. Now why are you putting something in quotes that I did not say. I think I said two of those words. When you quote someone you need to put what they actually said in the quotes. Everyone saw what I typed no need to make things up. As for Bryan's abilities never leaving, well, unfortunately they will some day.....unless he dies soon. People get old and do not stay athletic forever. It's just the circle of life little buddy.
  12. Bryan had a great WHC run. His WHC run was before he had a goat face. DB is probably one of my fave wrestler today.
  13. Aren't you the guy I was going to fight irl?
  14. This thread was made by an idiot, please don't force your own mental handicaps on other people.
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