Daniel Bryan is dating Brie Bella.

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    Lucky son of a bitch..Brie has some boobies compared to her sister.
  2. Wonder if they'll pull the twin switch on him ever?
  3. Grow beard fuck bitches.
  4. Damn. He was two timing them.
  5. If he has had a threesome with the two of them he is my hero
  6. D-Bry, you son-a-ma-gun!
  7. Is this real! Or just a storyline?
  8. real his storyline gf is AJ
  9. Apparently it's real.
  10. AJ is the storyline gf.

    This is real.
  11. Lmao
  12. So Brie is real and AJ Fake! DAM I DON'T WWE LIKE THIS! :pity:
  13. It wouldn't make sense for Brie to be his on-screen GF, since his bit with AJ is meant to be about him treating her like crap and the face diva being stricken with love.
  14. yes but if we know he rally date Brie in real life know ones is going to him with AJ seuris b/c that all know he dating Brie!
  15. why not? it's the same as finding out an actor in a soap is dating someone else in real life. we all know the WWE is scripted so it in way affects the storyline.
  16. fans will make sign same brie and bryan are dating!
  17. Dude Randy, these guys has a life outside the ring, they're not what they are inside it.
  18. and that matters why?

    we all know its fake so as long as we folllow the storyline it doesn't matter
  19. Not really. When has the IWC (who would be the only ones who know this) made a big impression in a stadium filled with casuals? Even if they did know, he's too hated they wouldn't even care. He's a miracle worker as a heel.
  20. I know where Daniel Bryan is training..atleast..
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