Daniel Bryan is gonna beat HHH and then go onto win the title

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. Daniel Bryan is gonna beat HHH and then go onto win the title :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
    Its so obvious with how Daniel Bryan is being built up I cant fucking wait yesssssssssss its about damn time
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  2. zzzzzzz at this thread and zzzzz at dick butt
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  3. I think thats safe to say.
    His constantly getting "screwed" angles are getting old, so really they built it to the point where thats what everyone expects, so they'll likely do it different for WM.
    He'll beat HHH, perhaps by DQ from Steph interference. He will be on the verge of winning the title when ref gets knocked out and HHH comes in for the pedigree - Only to have Hogan intervene and maybe even make the count himself.
    DB is champ, YES movement reigns supreme for a couple of months until he is screwed again at the next PPV where they will crown Batista, then it all starts over again.
  4. HQ Thread.

    Fun Fact: BLFFL is the 1st person on the forum I've ever ignored, yay for me.
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  5. I think he's going to win too :obama:
  6. One would hope so

  8. [​IMG]
    Cool story, bro!
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  9. Yeah its gonna happen, funny how people a few months ago were like "GIVE HIM THE FUCKING TITLE!!!" Now they are like "DON'T GIVE HIM THE TITLE HE'S LIKE THE OBVIOUS HERO NOW!" Da Fuck? This is John Cena all over again, I wanna see WM30 end with YES YES YES but god why does everyone always have to turn on the face hero?
  10. Usually terrible booking and bandwagoners. When a babyface becomes loved they're usually stripped of that take Cena for example people loved his edge and took to it but that was stripped from him as soon as he picked up the WWE title. Plus it's easier to hide any issues in the middle of the show, Bryan is more of a throwback to Austin and Hart in the way he's worked his way up and worked out any kinks in his game, Cena hadn't.
  11. Exactly, I'm just not getting where all these haters are coming from
  12. No shit, Sherlock.

    Hey guys I found Benedict Cumberbatch!
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  13. Nice reference. GOAT poster
  14. To me the magical moment was when HHH was shitting on the fans, and you could hear the kids screaming at him about Daniel Bryan when DB was handcuffed. It was a great ahhCena moment.
  15. Would love for it to be a masive swerve and trips walk out of mania with the belts
  16. My money is still on Hornswoggle.
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