News Daniel Bryan: "I've had my time. It's over"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Going around on different sites/forums.

  2. :sad: I enjoyed his time while it lasted.
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  3. Tough Enough is the best possible spot for him, mainly because I don't watch it.
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  4. Well then, from the horses mouth itself.
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  5. :bitw:
  6. He is a glass statue, but i'm glad he is coming back. Bryan has a future in the industry regardless, he just needs to make sure he doesn't end up like Ali.
  7. :yay: My boy won't be gone just yet
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  8. It's good to know! He just needs to adjust his moveset a bit when he comes back.
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  9. Yeah, that interview sounded like a completely different person. They should try harder next time.
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  10. I doubt he'll be back wrestling again but it's good to know that interview was fake so there's a chance. Not sure how it became so popular if it's a fake interview, this is not the first site i've seen it.
  11. The person interviewed didn't do a flattering impression of Daniel at all. It's sad the interview was done from his hometown without his permission.
  12. Good to know he'll be back.
  13. :smirk2:Vince told him to say that.
  14. The part about him saying that while he appreciates the immense fan support, the fans should try to focus their attention and support more on the guys that are still there sounded fairly believable. Bryan has always been known as a fairly humble guy.
  15. Considering his reaction to finding out that only one of the Tough Enough competitors watched the Japan show live at broadcast (which was the mildest of the three TE judges), I can't imagine Daniel Bryan saying he didn't watch the current product outside of NXT (I'm paraphrasing that). He lectured the "kids" on keeping up with the company you wanted to be a part of.

    Personally, I really enjoy DBD's work and would love to see him back in the ring, particularly if he can do so and stay healthy.

  16. Arrive
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  17. One of the greatest, he has nothing left to prove.
  18. He was sort of a one hit wonder. I'd say he has plenty left to prove but that's just me
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