daniel bryan loosing in 16 secs at wrestlemania - genius idea or plain stupidity?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. was kind of mention on the raw ld and thought it was thread worthy so what is your opinion on it now? Was it a genius idea from vince mcmahon to help him get over or was it plain stupidity that paid off?
  2. Plain stupidity followed by extreme luck and talent from one of their best assets.
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  3. It was stupid. The crowd wanted to see a Daniel Bryan match and when they got robbed of it there was just extreme outrage. I mean everyone around me was just completely pissed off. When he had came out at WM people were doing the "yes" chants and everything, they were pumped for that match and it was just really disappointing that we didn't get it, not so much because Sheamus won.

  4. Super lucky he still survived after that. Daniel Bryan, ladies and gents!
  5. Stupidity: "PLAIN AND SAMPLE"
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    STUPIDITY! DUMB MOVE BY WWE! Not so much that shumus won as though he would but the fact the the match ended so quickly is what piss me off and everyone else! The whole front row had "YES" sign from what i remember for watch on ppv and i tape it so i can just watch it again. when the whole crowd is behind u like u have to get him aless a 5 to 8 min. match which wwe did not even get 1 min. the match Sheamus had this past raw with bryan should have been the match that had at WM28! with the only different is Sheamus winning.
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  7. Stupid idiotic idea, Gladly we got a great match at Extreme Rules to make up for it kinda.

    Who is Shumus?

  8. queit being a dick! ITS Sheamus!

  9. :okay::upset:
  10. It was a stupid decision. It's a shame too because those two work very well together.
  11. It was 18 seconds, not 16. And it was a bad idea. They just got lucky that the crowd loved Bryan so much.
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  12. Outside of getting over with the crowd, it was plain stupid. Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Championship, ending in 16 or 18 or however that short time was complete shitty and lazy booking. I don't understand, why you would take one of your best workers, and one of the world titles, and not have an actual legit lengthy match for the belt. I guess they expected the crowd to go wild, seeing their "hero" take out Daniel and hoping that it would get him over or loud cheers, but it seemed to backfire heavily.
  13. They tried to destroy him, and he put himself back over by his ring work. Plain and simple.
  14. as much as you guys might hate this, I guess there was some good to this, as this is part of the so-called element of surprise. From that standpoint, it makes sense but from standpoint of what that did/does for both Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, it was a stipud idea, but as always, could be worse.
  15. It was a really stupid idea. Wrestlemania, they made him lose in 18 or 16 seconds at WRESTLEMANIA!! Where stars are supposed to be crated.. :annoyed-85:
  16. I thought it was good. People moaning all the time everything is too predictable. No one saw this coming.. Sh*t happens
  17. To me, it was neither. I don't see how they could have known or wanted Bryan to get more over by losing his world title match AS A HEEL in eighteen seconds to a guy who they were pushing as the #2 baby face of the company and possible successor to Cena's throne, but I don't think Bryan walking right into Sheamus' finisher was him being buried either. All and all, I think it would have been better to do the quick finish in the IC Title match between Big Show and Cody Rhodes. The whole angle there was Rhodes mocking Show for his failure and bad luck in never winning a singles match at Wrestlemania and so he finally wins one by defeating Rhodes in mere seconds (record time, possibly) by knocking him the fuck out with the Knockout Punch right away, maybe before the bell even rings. Of course, people would have just complained that Rhodes was somehow being 'buried' but it still would have made more sense in the context of that story line. But I realize they were trying to give Sheamus a Wrestlemania moment and while I don't think they quite accomplished doing so, I got over being annoyed by the finish pretty quickly. We ended up getting a great match out of them the next month anyway.
  18. it was a crazy idea, dunno what they were smoking when they came up with that, but fortunateky it seems to have done no harm to his long term career anyway

    Shoe Mouse ?

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  19. It was a stupid move. It could've turned out as a really greata match, whichh they both proofed at Extreme Ruless they could deliver. The stupitidy was followed up by luck though, but I still think it'd be better to let them actually have a match. I mean people were looking out to the match but all they got was a brogue kick. It was a positive thing though since she became much more relevant after WM & the break-up.
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