Daniel Bryan Major Announcement?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Samalan, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Please don't be his retirement announcement!
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  2. I expect him to either announce he's been cleared to compete and if officially entering the Royal Rumble match, or that he's "retiring"... only to run out as a surprise entrant during the Rumble match anyway.

    Some folks think he's gonna announce that he's writing an autobiography, but that would be pretty tame. If he were to hear to promote a book that had already been written and was fixing to hit shelves, that'd be one thing, but...
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  3. I've been thinking the same thing.

    Whatever it ends up being, I'd be cool with it... As long as it isn't a legit retirement, which I doubt.
  4. $5 says he is the new GM of Raw.
  5. I'd like that, honestly.

    Having a permanent RAW GM or simply not having one, instead of having random people hosting it each week would be swell.

    But, bringing The Authority back would really tickle my fancy.
  6. Hopefully he's fit and in the RR
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  7. From your mouth to God's ears, mate.
  8. Number 30, could this be it? Is it Bryan?

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  9. And they'd boo him out of the building like last year. LOL

    Rey's prolly not coming back to WWE this time around, though.
  10. GM announcement.
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  11. DB was impressive with his mic work tonight. I love the raw emotion. 2015 RR winner and the one who beats the one and 21. Booked
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  12. It's happening! Bryan beats Lesnar, Rollins cashes in and we all cry again. But hey, at least Bryan is home again! With the Authority back along with D-Bry, RAW is gonna be good.
  13. Fine promo by him, yeah. Actually felt the passion. Good stuff
  14. He had me believing it was the end. It would've been sad considering the guy is like 34 years old.
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  15. Yeah, him saying that he's career isn't actually over and that he'll be a part of 2015 RR brought me joy.
  16. I hope he's in full health by the time the Rumble starts, would hate to see him get hurt so soon after coming back.
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  17. I see him beating Cena for the belt at wrestlemania then losing to Seth Rollins and having them feud over the belt for a good while.
  18. Thanks God he didn't had to retire. :yes:
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  19. I think you owe some money...
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  20. [​IMG]
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