Daniel Bryan needs another surgery

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by posiimage, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Daniel Bryan was informed that he will not need to undergo a second surgery. We also noted that WWE expects him to be back in approximately three months, however according to more recent reports, there's a chance that Bryan will be back even sooner than that.
  2. Title says Bryan needs another surgery, post says he does not.

    Also player, start posting sources to your news posts.
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  3. His wife Brie said the doctors told them he (probably) won't need another surgery. And he could even be back as soon as November or December (which I'm hoping for, since it would be plenty of time to hype a match between he and Lesnar for the Rumble.)
  4. So... finally things are looking up for Bryan, and he'll be back regularly from the Royal Rumble (assuming they give him a month or two to slowly settle back in) - at which point he'll either hopefully win the Royal Rumble or get involved in a high profile feud. Looks good.
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  5. Good news! Get well and come back soon, DBry!
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  6. Awesome news!
  7. I hope he returns as a surprise entrant in the royal rumble :yay:
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  8. They should keep him out until the Rumble unless he's truly 100%.. DB is an expensive asset and very valuable for the company during it's current state.
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  9. Totally agree with posters saying keep him out till the RR. No need to rush him back and a surprise entry at that event would rock the crowd and help improve on the disappointment of this years RR.
  10. Here's to hoping, mate. But at the same time, I don't want them rushing him back, unless he's recovered 100%.
  11. Whether you like DB or not, it would be perfect if he came back right now...DB vs. Brock = gold.
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  12. The sooner he returns, the better.
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  13. I read November he'll be back thank God
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  14. :yes:
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