Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan... Omg

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by edge4ever, Jan 25, 2015.

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    what belittling bs....

    They finally put the guy in the rumble and make him not only look weak but not even make it to the final 4.... Fuck WWE talent and creative.

    fans have done nothing but cheer for him since he got thrown out. Such garbage.

    He's returned at 100% and now treated as if the people don't care for him and he's not a top dog. Such crap!
  2. I agree, I personally don't mind who won but I think he should of had a better showing they could have given him that much but who knows maybe they still got big plans for the guy. I think with his popularity stick the IC title on him and give him a long run that would bring the title back up to what it was. Also consider maybe the guy isn't 100% either for all we know he's may not be or he was meant to be there longer and didn't hang on and it was an accident eliminating him.
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  3. I wish Bubba Ray eliminated him. Then I'd like to see the crowds reaction.
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  4. It was great to see Bubba there it was awsome. Now only question is, one night only or did we see something between him and R-truth start?
  5. Is devon not coming back as well? R-Truth as his replacement you say? :hmm:

    As far as Bryan and his elimination is concerned - I didn't really wanna see Lesnar tear him apart anyway.

  6. I'm not sure what they plan on doing, I hope that's not it.. Definitely do not want to see those two team up over Devon and B-Ray.. Let's be real Daniel's not in full health to be fighting Lesnar so soon after coming back, IMO it seems he's a little slower to perform than he was prior to the injury.. Granted the early elimination was rather fucked up in almost everybody's eyes I just don't even know why they thought that was a good idea, and then throw in the likes of Titus O'Neil at the end to kill even more buzz.
  7. lesnar wouldn't have torn him a part. But that's besides the point....

    The fact that as of last year and 2013, he was considered to be at cenas level... Only to come back... Have the crowd still in the palm of his hands, and just get thrown out as if he's an average wrestler not worth shit... Wow

    I expected the roman win... But he should've been in the top 4
  8. Who eliminated DB again?
  9. Bray Wyatt like easily
  10. Bray was on fire tonight
  11. And I didn't mind that at all... Hell I wouldn't have minded if bray did eliminate him towards the end... But the fact that it was so easy and so soon... Utter bs
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  12. Just makes for that much better of a redemption story right? Faces always do that stuff
  13. Well they better make up for it in a big way with this... Because I literally almost broke my television
  14. I'm surprised the crowd didn't throw trash in the ring
  15. They were booing roman the rest of the night for it.... I felt kind of bad for roman.

    I mean if db had stayed in it and was Elminated after a valiant effort... It might now have been so bad... But they booed the rest of the evening and only really cheered for Ziegler and the rock
  16. I know it was going to be Romans when Lesner walked out with the title. If Cena or Rollins had I could have seen DB win it but with Lesner still as champ no their not going to make him seem like this big bad man only to have DB take him down. He's already over that's no doubt their trying to use the rub of beating Lesner on someone else who isn't completely over and it makes sense.
  17. The whole situation will end up biting WWE in the ass. Like everyone said, it's not really that he didn't win but how weak they made him look.

    WWE is adamant to push someone as their top face who is not Bryan. However, they stupidly forgot what happened to Batista last year when they pushed Bryan aside in favor of him. The fans turned on Batista. I am surprised that they would put Reigns in a similar position. It definitely isn't fair to Roman Reigns to have to deal with that.

    While the WWE doesn't have to kiss their fans' asses, they do need to realize they need to sell network subscriptions and get TV ratings to stay in business. I've never seen them in 30 years push back as hard against their fanbase as they have in the past year and that's not good for them.
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  18. Bray had a good night for sure, came in early, eliminated a few people and lasted pretty late.
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  19. This settles it, they took some of the stuff with most potential and shoved it up our asses. We want to see Bryan? Get Batista. Orton. Reigns. Anyone but Bryan. And there's NO way he's getting back in to the main event spot this year. 10/10 Vince you fucking idiot. Last year I wasn't as pissed, just surprised but I knew we still had a shot at making shit happen. This year it's over. :upset:
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  20. Reigns was going to win. They wanted to seperate Bryan and him at any cost, and it involved Bryan being tossed like a midcarder. Bray vs Bryan at WM will be good though
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