Daniel Bryan or Eddie Guerrero?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. For those old enough to properly judge this one: Who would you say is the more talented out of the two? Take absolutely everything about them into account, look, mic work, ring work etc. I can't really answer this question, cause despite the fact Eddie was my favourite back in the day, I've not really watched enough of him as a smark to properly cast judgement.
  2. I love both, but I choose Bryan because I love wrestlers like him.
  3. Eddie by a comfortable margin all things considered.
  4. In ring: DB
    Mic: Eddie
    Look: Even

    I'm going to have to say they're pretty much equal.
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  5. I'd blow Bryan, but I think Eddie edges it out. Better look (he was pretty fucking ripped) , just as entertaining in the ring (albeit maybe not as "technical), great on the mic (could be funny, serious,emotional) great character/gimmick (LIE CHEAT STEAL :emoji_heart_eyes:. Just all around pretty fucking great. R.I.P

    Though to be fair, Bryan is only just now getting in his "zone" and he still has quite a few years left before his retires. He may get even better in years to come.
  6. From a technical standpoint DB and Eddie are about even, but once you factor in ring psychology and story telling DB isn't even in the same league as Eddie in ring, brother.
  7. I don't know if you followed him pre-WWE, but DB can tell a story with the best of them.

  8. Never watched ROH back then but I've seen plenty of his ROH matches retrospectively and agree he is a solid storyteller, but nothing like Eddie. Eddie was a master psychologist. He would be in my top 5 story tellers of all time. D Bry might be a top 5 story teller in today's WWE.

  9. It's all relative though isn't it. Eddie's best matches were with Benoit, Angle, JBL, and Jericho. DB doesn't have the same level of talent to work with in WWE currently.
  10. Agreed with this.

    Problem with this question is "current vs nostalgia". People ALWAYS go towards nostalgia for some reason. I think they're very even, and very hard to separate. Both very similar. Bryan has the edge with his characteristics imo; we've seen him play a couple of characters - out of the ordinary characters - to perfection. I think in terms of gimmicks Bryan had a harder job. Eddie is a MUCH better heel though; his heel work against Rey Mysterio was wonderful.

    Overall, I'd say even.

  11. I agree, although I will say that Bryan does some fantastic heel work.
  12. Eddie Guerrero if we're talking about an all around wrestler. If we were going solely on wrestling ability then it might be more difficult
  13. Daniel Bryan is a fantastic wrestler however Eddie is over-class for him. #EddieRocks!
  14. I would much rather Eddie Guerrero. The only reason Daniel seems like a contender to Eddie because Daniel looks good in comparison to the WWE roster he's in.

    Eddie Guerrero had plenty of other wrestlers that he to compete against to stand out!
  15. In ring: Bryan
    Mic skills: Eddie
    Look: [​IMG]

    Gonna say Eddie wins.
  16. Eddie was good in the ring, but Daniel is more diverse. He has more submissions and still can do all the technical moves. Everything else though Eddie edges him out, but Bryan is catching up.
  17. Eddie's promos gave me goosebumps because they were so good, but ring work goes to Daniel Bryan.
  18. Honestly, Eddie was garbage on the stick until maybe 2003. By that time, he'd been the s*** can, gave up booze and had an entirely different outlook on things.

    Danielson is 31, much younger and has far less mainstream exposure. There is no comparison.

    I won't be nice about it... Eddie is miles better. Danielson brings the mark out in cats but Eddie wasn't paid to do that. Eddie wasn't asked to drag around that worthless skank AJ Lee
  19. In Ring Skill: Even
    Look: Eddie
    Mic Skill: Even given the circumstances

    All in all they are pretty even but Eddie surpasses Bryan by a tad for me.
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