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While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Daniel Bryan was asked about a possible return to the ring, in which he revealed that he was “working on it.”

“I’m working on it. Wrestling is more of a creative outlet, and especially for somebody like me, I view it as my creative outlet. Not all WWE superstars and not all wrestlers view it that way, but that’s how I view it and that’s one of the ways my mind works creatively. I always think of it in terms of music. You’re not always going to be a huge rock star in music, but musicians can play until the day they die. With sports, it’s different. You can’t always do it until the very end, and that’s a hard reality of sports. The blessings wrestling has given me have allowed me to find some new passions, but it’s really hard when you’ve got that first love and nothing really replaces it.”

As previously noted, Bryan has indicated in previous interviews that once his contract is up with WWE, he will attempt to pursuit a career in wrestling outside of WWE.

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The Game
I'm sad but happy for him at the same time. Sad that he may be leaving WWE once his contract expires to pursue wrestling in other placed, but happy that he is trying to get back to doing what he has grown to love. I just hope he's careful out there, especially now that he has a wife and a child to care about. Man needs to stay safe.

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