Daniel Bryan Should Be Fired From WWE

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  1. ...And I don't mean in real life of course, I mean on the show. Anyone remember when Mick Foley was fired by the McMahon/Helmsley regime back in 2000 during his feud with Triple H? It made the fans rally behind him even more and the entire locker room even declared on Raw the next week that each one of them were ready to walk out of the company if Foley wasn't hired back immediately. (Needless to say, they did.)

    This same thing could work wonderfully for Daniel Bryan. The fans are already up in arms over Bryan not getting a title shot (or even being given the opportunity to earn a title shot, as we saw by him not even being placed in the Royal Rumble match) and if Bryan were to cross The Authority in a way that led to him being fired unfairly as a result (maybe he accidentally knocked Steph out or knocked her on her ass like Orton did), just imagine how people would react. I mean, yeah, everyone would know it was a work, but they'd still play along and boo the shit out of HHH and Steph and probably fill the arenas with "We Want Bryan" chants, which would be the whole point. They could even do things that help sell the angle, like posting on WWE.com how the company wishes Daniel Bryan the "best of luck in his future endeavors" and having Michael Cole and the announcers on Smackdown behave in fear because they realize how much their jobs really are at jeopardy if they cross HHH (they really do need to make HHH and Steph more tyrannical going into Mania), etc.

    If all works well, this could last at least a week, maybe even two weeks before bringing him back due to protest from the locker room threatening to walk out if he isn't rehired. If Bryan/HHH ends up happening at Wrestlemania (which I doubt since this Punk walking out thing is incredibly likely a work imo), then this could really be something that intensified things between them as their build started towards Mania.
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  2. Thought this was another troll thread by you :notsure:

    Sure, I'm all for it. I'm actually surprised they didn't do it when he put the YES! lock on Shawn Michaels.
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  3. I've been balling around the idea of making him the man of the people. A modern Rock or Dusty Rhodes, fighting for the "little man"
  4. That'd be solid, I don't see why they wouldn't. Haven't had a firing angle in a long ass time.
  5. Big Show this fall?
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  6. DB doesn't need any more sympathy. Especially since they'll most likely "screw" him out of the title at EC.
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  7. Didn't cody get fired too? I know that was a while ago, but still.
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  8. Shit, uhhh, okay haven't had an entertaining firing angle in a long ass time.
  9. Much better :obama:
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  10. The 'wrestler gets fired by authority member' is my least favourite storyline in professional wrestling. It sucks big time. Everyone's seen it, everyone knows what's going to happen, everyone's bored. Also, Cody Rhodes and Big Show got this a few months ago. Would be a terrible angle.
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  11. Firing him could actually be a case of overdoing it. There is an element of subtlety to what the Authority is doing to him now, and firing him would just be too blatant. I think it will probably be enough just to have someone new turn on him in the EC and side with the Authority. That could be more effective than simply firing him.
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  12. I get that the whole firing angle has been done before and is kind of tired at this point, but it makes perfect sense as the thing that Triple H has to resort to in order to finally get rid of Daniel Bryan. The fact that they did the same with Cody Rhodes and The Big Show shows consistency in The Authority's behavior.

    Two things could happen in the aftermath of this:

    1. It could lead to Vince McMahon returning to television. Say a large chunk of the roster surrounds the ring and threatens to walk out if Bryan isn't reinstated. But unlike Foley, HHH doesn't give in. He instead smacks them with the truth and tells them that it's merely a threat on their part and the last thing they'll do is leave because what other wrestling company is there out there that's like the WWE? There's no longer a WCW to jump to, and they sure as hell didn't work this hard to make it to the big leagues just so they could pack up and leave over one guy. This leads to McMahon himself returning to overrule HHH's authority and saying that despite HHH's personal beef with Bryan, this isn't the right way you do business. He reminds HHH that he has a Board Of Directors to answer to, all of whom are concerned with some of the decision-making on HHH and Stephanie's part. This leads to a Vince-HHH/Stephanie feud over who gets complete control of the company (which has been rumored since the end of summer last year), with Vince choosing Bryan to represent him against HHH.

    2. The Punk thing is indeed a work and in spite of Bryan's firing, the scheduled plan for Wrestlemania is Punk/Triple H and Orton/Batista/Bryan for the WWE Title. And perhaps the thing that compels Punk to return to the WWE is because he is angry as hell over Bryan's firing. He returns and drops another "pipe bomb" and he's the one who rallies up the troops (i.e the WWE superstars) to walk out on Triple H if he doesn't reinstate Daniel Bryan (let's say in THIS scenario that the threat of walking out does work against The Authority.) This leads to the aforementioned couple of matches and would be a great way for both Bryan AND Punk to return to the company as a duo to fight against the machine together.

    Screwing Bryan over in a match for the championship has been overdone itself. They did it at Summerslam (HHH pedigreeing him so Orton could cash in), Night Of Champions (referee Chad Patton doing a fast count for Bryan and pretending he and Bryan were both in on it) and Hell In A Cell (HBK super kicking him.) Firing him would be a different way at trying to hold him down.
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  13. I could see them doing it and bringing him back the next week.
  14. Awesome idea, wish they'd actually do it. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  15. It might happen.
  16. I don't like the firing angle, especially in this day and age. Everyone knows he's not really fired, and it's just going to mean DB away from the screen. I would only use that if he needed time off for something.
  17. I don't really like the whole firing thing, but if it means that Vince comes back and does choose Bryan to represent him to fight HHH at WM30... well, damn. Epic.

    That Cody being fired thing was really good, plus we got Goldust and Dusty coming back.
  18. Of course no one would think he was really fired, it would just be an interesting way to make things more personal between them for storyline's sake.
  19. You want attitude right? Have DB bang Steph
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