Daniel Bryan talks about ratings

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  1. Daniel Bryan spoke to SiriusXM personality Sam Roberts, host of The Sam Roberts Show podcast, at Ringside Fest in New York City on Saturday. In the interview, he discussed his size, his favorite opponent, headlining pay-per-view events, whether he’s happy with his current role, and more.

    In response to whether he pays attention to WWE’s cable television ratings, he responded, “I pay attention to that stuff, but I’ve always paid attention to that stuff. And I don’t pay attention to it any more than normal. Really, all you can do is go out there and do your best. Whether people are watching or whether people are not watching, you always hope that people are going to love this, but I can’t make people’s minds for them.”

    Source: Pwmania
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  2. Why's he always in a great mood. Makes me lol. <3
  3. Great interview.
  4. 1. Bangs a bella
    2. Millions of dollas millions of dollas millions of dollas
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  5. Oh avatar change again I see Danny. Now I'm all alone
  6. He's too sexy not to have as an avatar.
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  7. Honestly, I like him without the beard and hair better. Wasn't familiar with that look until the recent videos building up to HIAC, but I like it.
  8. I feel ya
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