Daniel Bryan - The 2011 CM Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Bryan today made references to CM Punk changing and directly calling him a sell out (read wweforums.net to see how many people agree) and mentioned to Vince McMahon about the typical WWE style and how he was fired once and proved WWE wrong, all true.

    He for me has become the best thing in wrestling atm, I love the direction they're taking him. He has the coward heel trait still, but he made Punk tap which I believe was a fantastic ending, they've built him up to be this jerk off who is very talented in the ring - isn't that what we all wanted? Every time he speaks on the mic it's just gold, he's fantastic atm and this isn't just my markism coming out, I see many people agreeing. I hope WWE are genuinely building him up to be similar to the CM Punk we saw but we obviously won't have that ground breaking X vs WWE story-line, he'll still have to be a heel remember.

    Anyone else notice this tonight?
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  2. He's a great mic worker, I hope they don't just forget about him after NWO when he doesnt win the title (Kane is winning the title).
  3. Lmao. It's impossible to not think about the most over guy on the roster.
  4. I noticed those two things, and indeed, his character is going the way most people wanted it to go. Told Punk he's the new Cena, told McMahon he's got a fetish for bodybuilders, and everytime he's got the mic he's awesome. "Once you go Bryan, there's no point in tryin'!" I laughed a lot when I heard that. I think he'll win the title, and everything's fair. It's just a talented, popular guy doing what he should do.
  5. Yeah he's mixed. He's not just spitting the content that Punk was spitting, but he's got that side to him. However, he's still sticking to his hilarious heel promos too. He isn't just a man who shouts yes :emoji_slight_smile:. Also, his question time = golden.
  6. I don't really see Bryan going this full direction with his character. It was more natural for Punk because he just seems more naturally an anti-authority character.
  7. Punk does, indeed. And that's good, that should be just a little thing about Bryan's character, or just an occasional thing, I like his mixed heel character as Crayo said.
  8. Yeah Kevin he's a heel so he won't go full beam with it, he'll get over as a face then lolol. Anyway, last night was the perfect example. Mention the sell out and bodybuilder fetish, but mix it with once you go bryan there's no point in trying :lol1:

    Damn he's good.
  9. @[Crayo] do you think Bryan will become face when? And how much more over will he be as face. I can see the WWE worshiping him like they did Austin.
  10. He won't receive the Austin push imo. Vince is a big admirer of pushing guys he made. He didn't make Bryan, not one bit. Bryan made himself and many many people know that. However as for his face turn, I'm not sure. I hope it's when he becomes champion, if he does anyway. I'll be surprised if he doesn't because he's selling merch and a lot of it and is breaking into mainstream media with his yes chants which is what Vince currently faps over, so we'll see.

    But inevitably as soon as Bryan can't get anyone to hate him, that's when he'll turn. Atm, give him a mic and he can still receive a lot of boo's with his promos.
  11. Well, Vince can't take full credit for 'making' Austin either. Austin came up with pretty much his entire gimmick and persona, even the Austin 3:16 shirt, which sold a shitload. Vince just got behind him and pushed him strongly as a result of seeing how over he was.

    Anyway, I never said I thought Bryan couldn't pull this type of character off because he was a heel (because it was the exact type of thing that turned Punk face in the first place), I just see it working better with Punk because he's an anti-authority character, and his whole deal with being the 'voice of the voiceless' and speaking certain 'truths' just seems to come naturally from a guy who is already against authority and established opinion as it is. Bryan could easily pull that off but I just don't see them intentionally going in that direction since he can (and likely will) turn face because of the natural charisma he has already. Main point is, if they're gonna have someone do that, then start having Punk do it again since that's what people loved about his character last year anyway.
  12. I see your point. Punk does look more like a guy who defies authority than Bryan.
  13. Bryan is basically becoming like that, but it's good. He is very entertaining now, even his look goes with his character. His mic skills have improved 100%, and he is entertaining everytime he comes to the ring...I just hope he never advances a year...
  14. You misunderstood. I'm not saying he is or should become identical to Punk's character. He's just adding it to his character now, he's mixed. He has his awesome heel moments and then his shoot-style moments. The reason I made the thread was to see if anyone else noticed the comparisons.
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