Daniel Bryan to have additional shoulder surgery.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. -Meltzer.

    It really is a shame. At least he made it to the top when he did.
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  2. Long time coming I suppose. Snow hit the nail on the head. He had a good April, then doors started slamming shut.
    For the record, I've had similar issues and they hurt like f***.
    Give me any other muscle tear but the neck/shoulder area.

    When he does return I suggest he change his ring style
  3. I've read elsewhere that shoulder surgery might mean him being out anywhere from an additional six months to a year... unless he miraculously makes a quick recovery, ala John Cena or Kurt Angle. It's a shame that the woeful hand of fate had to strike him down right after he reached the top of the mountain.
  4. What a shame. His diving headbutt never even looked cool, either.
  5. Well, that sucks. This could give us some interesting return angles, though. Daniel Bryan angry at life could be a good angle to run with.
  6. There are rumours that he will never wrestle again.
  7. He doesn't watch TV, apparently, so he had clue the diving headbutt could cause head trauma.
    It's not as if his predecessors, Dynamite Kid and Chris Benoit suffered any from using it.
    Last I checked Dynamite Kid was resting comfortably in a chair and Benoit was lying somewhere where he'd never be disturbed.
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