MMA Daniel Bryan to MMA?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Paulie G, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. Daniel Bryan recently stated that he thinks he can beat Mike Jackson at least on the floor. What do you think of this remark? Is there a chance Daniel Bryan sets out to become an MMA legend? Or no chance?

  2. No chance. He loves wrestling too much and very few wrestlers would become successful MMA fighters.
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  3. Even if he wanted to try it, you think they would take a risk with his head injuries from the past?
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  4. Nah, Bryan gonna stay in wrestling and as far as the comments about Mike Johnson he was saying that to kind of shit and downplay Punk in a sense.
  5. If you ask me, I would say Bryan´s got more of a leg to stand on if he competes in MMA. WWE is built on its ratings and the calibre of its wrestlers.

    Did you know that Triple H gets a percentage from all the wrestlers that he successfully signs up? That was recently disclosed in this article I plan to comment on later, but the truth is part of trips salary is dependent on how many new faces he brings in. So, bleeding the crowds and hooking talent is the way to go if you want to prosper in WWE.

    How´s that for for an incentive to go on working for WWE?
  6. No. You have to have some sort of fighting background to stand a chance to make it in MMA. All of the people (other than CM Punk) that you see in UFC and the others, have worked years and years training for it. Daniel Bryan doesn't have that and doesn't have the youth and time to learn it.

    Lesnar isn't an exception, like a lot of people think, since he was an NCAA Heavyweight wrestling champion in college. He had fighting experience. Daniel Bryan would get his ass destroyed by anyone in MMA.
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  7. That whole Punk UFC saga was so enjoyable for me so on that level I wouldn't be against it but he's banged up probably worse than Punk is, wouldn't want to see him get seriously injured.
  8. I take your point, he is too old in that respect and he didn´t earn the same experience that the best MMA fighters did in their youths. I do get the impression that Bryan might want to find an alternative to WWE. Sure, he´s gets t olive his dream, but all dreams can only come true to a certain extent before they end. Also, there´s always the chance they could be shattered. Back in 2014, his wife took part in what she considered to be the highlight of her career, only to loose to her enemy and getting embroiled in a shitty feud. No one saw that coming, so you can´t have too many aspirations because someone, somewhere down the line is going to take steps to fuck with them in one way or another. Bryan´s smart enough to realise that this might happen, so other avenues for a guy with his intelligence might be safer than sticking around and getting his ass screwed because he´s not a big drawer.
  9. I'm pretty sure they let Mark Hunt this older Samoan dude fight and he's had memory loss and shit
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  10. Solid Snake is right. The problem is in deciding what is safe and secure for Bryan. He´s got a high school education, so he could go work for a variety of companies. Heck, he could even go to his mother in law, anyone ever think of that? It´s not like he´s Rocky Balboa back in Rocky II.
  11. Yeah but not in MMA. Any other wrestling promotion in the world would snach him up in a second. If he decides to leave WWE, he has tons of options in the wrestling world and I am sure New Japan would pay well to have him.

    I also don't think that after the CM Punk experiment that MMA promoters will be in any way willing to try putting an untrained fighter in a match with a trained fighter ever again.
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  12. Why are you suggesting my handsome little man march to his death via head injury? Who hurt you?
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  13. No way Bryan wins an mma match. Like stated above, hes too old to step in there and hold his own against people who've trained for years to submit and/or knock you out. They'll force him into a position and snatch up anything they can grab ahold of and snap it in half. As much as I like Bryan in the wwe, mma is no place for a middle aged amateur. The fact cm punk got another match was mind blowing. He lost in 2 mins in his first match. It was over right when it started. He shot for the takedown and it was over he got snatched up immediately and it was downhill from there. And that was against a rookie. And the only reason he went the distance in his 2nd fight was because the other guy let him.

    In the end, no wwe entertainer should step foot inside the cage unless they already have a background in fighting.
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  14. Agreed and even some of the ones who do should not try it. Chad Gable has an amateur wrestling background and he'd be eaten alive.

    Even if you really look closely at Lesnar's MMA career,it wasn't that great. He got put into a heavyweight title match when he had a one and one record. I think won two defenses, lost the belt, lost his next match and then had his only victory since losing the belt over turned.

    Exit: I stand corrected, 3 successful title defenses
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  15. If he never wrestled and just trained for MMA, maybe but certainly not at this point in his life/career.
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  16. Hey, a fellow bull! How are ya? I had no idea another horned antelope was out there.
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  17. The fact is, I wrestled in high school and went to state. I have ten years experience in martial arts and am a second degree black belt. i have more experience in martial arts than Daniel Bryan and I would get my ASS handed to me in MMA. Martial arts are not just something you can pick up in a couple of years, like CM Punk seemed to think. It takes a deep dedication over a long period of time to even get halfway decent at it.
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