Daniel Bryan & Triple H - A Way to Set 'Things' Straight ?

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  1. If you're like me, this D.B. VS Triple H and his 'Best for Business' storyline has gone on long enough. Sooo, here's an idea I had that D.B. could use with HHH to end this once and for all:

    D.B. comes out to the ring while HHH is there and make the following announcement.."Tell you what, Hunter... you and I make 'the deal,' regarding our match at W.M. 30. If I win, besides my participation in the three man fight for the titles, you, Steph, Kane, the **whole WWE organization** gets off my back, and lets me wrestle as I know how..now if *you* win.. I'll shave off my beard, get a hair cut, and be *the best* B+ / A- wrestler you have in your organinzation, and I will be 'What's Best for Business!' Now, part of the deal is this: Untill and including W.M. 30, there will be no 'Three against me matches, no 'best for business' ambushes against me... no one is to touch me...when we get in the ring I will be strong and ready to wrestle you. Soooo, we have a deal?"
  2. Daniel Bryan should just hit Hunter in the balls.
  3. set things straight?!

    if the 10 second farse at 'Mania wasn't Bryans nail in the coffin then this will be it
  4. I would have rather they just said that instead of Hunter qualifying for the main event if he defeats Bryan, that Bryan can simply never wrestle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ever again. Sure, it would have made their match more predictable, but it would have also been more logical and consistent with HHH's character (since his disdain for Bryan has to do with feeling he doesn't belong at the top, and what reason is there for Triple H wanting the championship exactly, anyway?), and we all know Bryan is triumphing over Hunter anyway.
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