Daniel Bryan.... Trying so hard to be heel

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. It is almost like the week following wrestlemania the top brass has told him... No no... Go make them hate you!!!

    Seems like they are refusing to make him a monster face..

    Look for AJ to show up with a black eye is the yes chants continue..lol

  2. Daniel Bryan has already sold out his new shirt that was released on Friday. This guy is so over now, he's basically a guy that you love as a heel. I personally love this guy now, first I couldn't stand him, he was so annoying but now he's just won the fans over like that. I don't know whether they plan on making him a face again or keeping him as a heel, whatever they do he's still a draw.
  3. Every time I win at something. I do the Yes yes yes chant.

    I win at NHL 12
    Yes yes yes!
    Kids at my store expect it now

  4. Gotta wonder if he's going to be the star of the summer.
  5. He will more then likely be a secondary star. They are going to push Brock an cena down our throats all summer, as well as punk and Jericho

  6. I wouldn't mind that as-long as the feuds are entertaining, it's all that matters.
  7. It's pretty goddamn retarded that they are trying so hard to keep him heel when the company is obviously too heel-heavy to begin with and pretty much starving for some new faces that don't blow.

  8. I'm glad. They won't know how to use him as a face so him being a heel keeps him entertaining. I don't want smiley smiley Daniel Bryan.

    Also, him being a heel is clearly working. He's incredibly over, he's either boo'd massively or cheered, which means it rubs off on whatever opponent he faces.
  9. At some point WWE will have to stop making generic cookie cutter faces. The solution is not to keep everyone heel. That's putting a band-aid on a wound that needs 100 stitches.


    Besides, the masses clearly love the guy, and aren't we, the IWC, always calling for WWE to listen to the fans and stop doing whatever they want? The fans are turning him face whether WWE likes it or not.
  10. I know it's inevitable, if the support continues then he will turn, will be smiley smiley and will once again be ignored by fans. Which is why I don't want him turning any time soon.

    WWE logic remember
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