Daniel Bryan Vs CM Punk.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. In this thread I'll create a short summary of both these mens rises up to the top of the WWE mountain, with a very simple question. Who's career have you enjoyed more? Let's say you could buy a DVD summing up either man's career, which would you choose?

    CM Punk - The self proclaimed best in the world.

    Show Spoiler

    Beginning in IWA : MS, Punk played the excellent role of an arrogant heel. Here you see many infamous moments, ranging from a micless interview to threatening to fight a fan.



    The youngster whilst still young around the edges, managed to work a match with two icons in Eddie Guerreo and Rey Mysterio for the IWA title. Still a really enjoyable match to this day, seriously under rated.


    This lead to Punk joining into ROH, working notable matches with Samoa Joe, Raven and Austin Aries ( Watch the promo at the end of this one if you enjoyed shooting Punk)

    Vs Raven



    Vs Joe - Pretty enjoyable face promo at the end of this also.

    Vs Aries

    Plus the original summer of Punk, which was almost a precusor to his WWE shooting run.


    Punk left worked in OVW for a while, before moving up to the land of extreme, ECW. His notable matches were with Johnny Nitro, he had others which were decent but boy did this two gel.


    Then the beginning of his rise began or so we thought, he won the Money in the Bank briefcase, which he successful cashed in on Edge to become the NEEEEWWW World Heavyweight champion.


    Sadly the only notable match he had was against Batista at the GAB, before losing the title in dubious circumstances to Jericho after being attacked before the match began. This caused the punker to fade into the mid card, until he once again won the money in the bank briefcase, setting up a clash with fellow free spirit Jeff Hardy.


    The rebel we all knew, evolved into something else. He can became preachy, he became obnoxious, he became our very own straight edge saviour.



    These two were capable of showing great match ups, including battles in TLC and cage matches. Punk managed to even vanquish Jeff from the WWE.


    Can't find the TLC currently will look shortly.


    Punk lost his way into this point, mainly due to bad booking. Some entertaining segments were provided, but until he sat down at the top of the stage and showed his discuss at the way the WWE was being run did he explode back into life. For the 1st time since 2009 he looked motivated again.


    Multiple shoots with Triple H followed after the epic encounter with John Cena at Money in the bank in Chicago, Punk had done the impossible. He had escaped with the WWE title.



    Current day Punk has had great matches with Ziggler, Jericho and ADR amongst others.




    Daniel Bryan Danielson - The American Dragon.

    Show Spoiler

    ROH - The king of ROH IMO, he had classics with McGuiness, Aries, Styles and Kenta amongst others. No point writing about these, just watch them.



    [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrl0w_bryan-danielson-v-kenta-noah-12-02_sport[/video] - It's from Noah but still a great match.



    Some examples of his ability to make smarks hate him, bare in my mind these are in the indies, not many great wrestlers get booed by these smarks.



    NXT and WWE - The mini feud with cole, great short TV matches with Jericho amongst other "rookies" plus great matches with Miz over the US title and Ted Dibiase after he won them





    He later, in what many call a surprise win become MITB and eventually world heavyweight champion, pulling positive matches out of horrible workers such as Mark Henry and Big Show.



    Here he shows, he can still work a mic better than most as a heel, such an arrogant prick.

    Being squashed by Sheamus and most over in the WWE? Bryan's reign was ended by Sheamus in a record breaking time, oddly enough however this gained Bryan more support than ever.


    So the question is, who would you say has had the better career? I'll probably edit this when I'm feeling less tired as I feel I could have done more for Bryan, so please take that into account.
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