Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler with Special Guest Referee Dean Ambrose: Raw, March 23, 2015

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Mar 24, 2015.

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  1. Their match at SD last week was miles better
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  2. Yeah not sure what happened here.. it's like they legitimately had a great showing because they fed off the SmackDown crowd's energy going into it.. and then in turn they fed off a dead crowd and both didn't look great.. The two of them in the ring together should always seemingly be a decent match.
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  3. Yeah, man. It's like they were told 'Just go out there and give it your worst.'
  4. Something like that.. It was prolly something along these lines "How do we piss off this dead LA crowd even more? I know let's have them have the shittiest match ever and then end the show with a bullshit Lesnar/Reigns confrontation! MUAHAHA!"
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  5. Yup, that was the case here.

    The tag line for this episode of RAW should be 'Who booked this shit?'
  6. Well they better treat the viewers right with WM31 after this shitty build up.. although that's most likely not going to happen.
  7. Yeah, I'm not so optimistic about WM anymore either... I'm so fed up with their crappy shows. So, I'm just waiting for WM and post-WM Raw episode which is either gonna pull me back in or bail me the fuck out.
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