Daniel Bryan vs John Cena match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Way to ruin it WWE. I was looking forward to see a clean DB victory or at least a clean match between them but now with HHH involved, this will be a borefest. This match is nothing but a buildup towards the McMahon family storyline. It was a great night for the entire IWC when Cena picked Bryan but this is gonna be such a dissapointment. Your thoughts?
  2. I dont know what you have been watching because I love this match and the build up, Promos have been 5 star and the match will be great. I like the addition of the McMahons.
  3. How I see it.

    Bryan has Cena in the YEs Lock

    Vince comes down the ring and tell HHH to stop the match.

    HHH tells Vince to go away. Meanwhile Cena AA Bryan and pins him. HHH is discussing with Vince so he doesnt see that Cena is pinning Bryan. Cena stops the count at two and goes mad to HHH. HHH turns and both guys start discussing between them. Small package from Bryan who was laying on the floor because of the AA.


    Controversial ending.

    Orton music hits, Bryan cannot even get up. Waits for Bryan to finally stand up. 1...2... HHH stops because he doesnt want Orton to win the title. Vince gets into the ring and makes the count REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY FAST 1.2...3 Bryan kicks out at 3 but Vince says Orton is the champ (kinda like In RAW)

    Vince blames HHH.
    HHH blames Vince.
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  4. The thing I have a problem with here is i don't like Danial Bryan, i do not like Daniel Bryan, therefore-----Cena however i do believe bryan wins then orton cashes in to become the 'guy' vince wants to be wwe champion unleashing venom everywhere
  5. That's exactly what they want you to think but the real storyline behind this is the McMahons feud. Sure, the match will be great in some ways but don't expect a clean victory. If this match was a regular match with Cena vs Bryan only, I'd be exicted to see it as well and goes well with the promos. But, adding HHH as refree, Vince not liking that Cena picked Bryan and believing Bryan shouldn't be champion, Vince/HHH arguing everytime on RAW about this are just some clear signs showing this match is more about the McMahons feud rather than having the regular match.
  6. The Beard vs The Champ, only thing is The Champ is THE CHAMP and the beard is just the beard. Cena's going to take the hell out of Bryan, picks him in a favor and wins him in another styled favour. How I can't belive Daniel Bryan is more *lousgh* in WWE universe.
  7. Typical HHH inserting himself into hot feuds
  8. Triple H is always involved in hot feuds, but once he announced it, I wasn't surprised.
  9. Only there for dat Cash-In :pity2:
  10. I think he'll just be there for the finish. It does take away something from the match but it'll still be good.
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