Daniel Bryan vs John Cena

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Star Lord, Aug 5, 2013.

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    How do you guys think this match will go down?​
    Cena and Punk have great matches and Bryan is better than Punk so will we see a Summerslam classic or a Summerslam bore fest?​

  2. John Cena
    and plz add poll.
  3. I didnt ask who will win so I wont add a poll. Cena wont win anyway. Its obvious who WWE are picking to win.
  4. yes u are right DB need more experiance.
  5. No he doesn't
  6. and why ?(reason)

  7. :facepalm: Yeah because what 10 years in Japan and the US isnt enough experience. Daniel Bryan is one if not the best wrestler in the world.
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  8. Amen, Mah Brother!
  9. Look at the response below your question

  10. [​IMG]

    Any back on topic.

    I believe Orton will cash in after this setting up hopefully Bryan Vs Orton again cause those matches were awesome.
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  11. No, not because of my name.....
    I think that'll happen. WWE isn't stupid to where it'd be Cena/Orton for the billionth time.
  12. We will be like Bryan taps out, Cena wins LOL Danny will rage and Cena holding the title will close the show
  13. I would die if WWE did that.
  14. Actually, they can have a great match. It can be the greatest match this year. Also, watching Bryan as World Champion again would be the best thing WWE has offered in 2013 imo
  15. Of course they'll have a great match. No reason to think otherwise.

    1. Cena retains without any kind of twist, and it's apparent that the whole purpose of it was to give Bryan a slight rub just by putting him in a match with Cena and get a five star match on Cena's title reign (just imagine if Cena beat Bryan by submission, lol. Internet rage would guarantee to entertain for months.) This would make no sense, of course, which doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen.

    2. Cena wins, but unlike above, Bryan gets a rematch at Night Of Champions the next month and he wins the belt there.

    3. Bryan wins, and then Randy Orton cashes in, possibly with Vince introducing him first (IF they do indeed want to turn Orton heel.) It'd be similar to the first ever MITB cash in at New Year's Revolution 2006, with Vince introducing Edge to cash in on Cena, except with Orton here. (It also makes sense given that Vince said last week on Raw that he'd prefer is neither Cena nor Bryan walked out as champ, that may have been a clue.) After Bryan wins the title, Vince could come out and give a short promo saying that if Bryan is so great, surely he can wrestle one more match, especially given it's against a man he's already defeated? It would be sarcastic and assholish in nature, since the answer is quite obviously No, he just wrestled the match of his life and pulled out everything he had to defeat one of the greatest ever in Cena, and Orton is very fresh and it's not like defeating Orton the first time was an easy feat to accomplish anyway.

    4. Orton carrying around MITB and the possibility of a cash in (to those of us who think we've obviously already got it figured out) could simply be something to throw people off, and the match could just simply end with Vince screwing over Bryan himself without Orton being involved at all. The logic being that if Bryan isn't willing to change his image to better suit what a champion of his company should look like, then Vince will do what he can to keep the belt from him.

    5. Bryan wins, and there's no screw job, just him raising the title in the air with the whole crowd chanting YES along with Bryan. Orton could cash in and FAIL, but I would hate that.

    I could honestly see any of the above options happening except option #1.
  16. I can't remember who came up with this idea I saw on here recently:

    Bryan beats Cena in a classic 5* match that lasts 25mins+. Orton comes out to cash in on Bryan who is tired as fuck. Orton is demolishing Bryan, turning heel. and prepares to go for the punt kick to finish Bryan off. Orton runs over and goes to kick Bryan's head before Bryan avoids it and counters into the NO lock out of nowhere. Orton taps out.

    Would be amazing!
  17. It's pretty obvious it'll be an excellent match, hoping for a DB win and Orton cash in.
  18. what a joke !:woo:
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