Daniel Bryan vs Mick Foley

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Danny and I got into a quick little silly group feud where he brought up Mick Foley. Then I said Mick Foley is equal to Daniel Bryan, which I then proceeded to say we'll debate it in another thread. Well here it is :haha:

    Anyway who do you guys think is the better superstar? Daniel Bryan undoubtedly beats Foley in athleticism, but Foley definitely is one of the best storytellers when it comes to wrestling. I've never seen a match with either of these guys where I say "I'm bored". Their styles of wrestling are complete opposites, but one could say they are on equal grounds. They're both underdogs and highly regarded by fans as you will find very few people who hate them from my experiences. So who do you think is the better superstar?
  2. :shock:That's tough. They're both amazing. But as a promo lover, I gotta go with Foley. He made feuds so much more interesting.
  3. Foley by a long way, DB has phenomenal in ring ability but never could capture a story as well as Mick and well on the mic there is no debate.
  4. Foley.

    But I understand the comparison as both underdogs and not initially who springs to mind for a WWE push.
  5. WHOA I didn't mean that I thought DB was better by any means. I was saying that your group has more name changes than Mick Foley (cactus jack) (dude Love) (Mankind)

    DB is great but he has A LONG way to go to even be in the same breath as the micker. Love em both though, and DB is by far my favorite superstar now. Mick is my second favorite all time behind HBK.
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  6. Mick is an all time great, lol. I fucking worship DB, but he's nowhere near being as great as Foley (very few are). At least not yet.
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  7. Why thank you Danny :jeritroll:
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  8. >American DragonS
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  11. Initial proofreading is for pussies
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