WrestleMania Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H - Discussion Thread

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  2. Dream: HHH goes over cleanly and then cuts a shoot promo on the fans and yes movement afterward
    Reality: DB wins and then gets screwed in the main event, Orton drops the title to Batista somehow. Bryan eventually wins the belt off of Batista. zzz
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  3. What if HHH wins, takes the WWE WHC spot and then wins.
  4. Best wrestlemania ever
  5. I would laugh and cry at the same time.
  6. What if Triple H is really trying to push Dolph Ziggler secretly and Ziggler comes in like Shawn Michaels did on a rope and beats the shit out of everyone in the ring!! winning the title in the process?!?!?!

    Triple H then buries all upcoming talent by shooting them in the face with a straight shot pistol, only leaving Triple H and Ziggler to dominate both Raw and SD every week....epic folks...that sounds like Dolph Ziggler's dream come true.
  7. It's pretty much written in stone that Bryan's gonna beat HHH and win the title.
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  9. so much for the future of WWE. Keep letting the old guys beat the shit out of everyone until their wheelchairs. Yes, let's have a wheelchairs match at future Mania's.
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  10. Then Hulk Hogan, outraged at the arrogance of an authority figure crowning himself champion, hops down to the ring and makes an impromptu challenge for Triple H to put the championship on the line right then and there. And then Hogan wins the strap in a matter of seconds (Wrestlemania 9 all over again) and the show ends with The Hulkster holding the title above his head for one last time.
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  11. lmao HHH is in better shape than well over half the roster. He isnt SGT slaughter bro. Be happy he is putting talent over and giving them a huge match, because WWE atm has no one bigger than HHH.
  12. put that shit in yellow. More sarcastic post i've seen you make.
  13. Triple H is in better shape than half the roster? please..if he was, he would be wrestling full time in the ring. Not to say Triple H is in bad shape and can't put on a show, but him burying DB wont do shit for the future.
  14. Are you serious? You must be trying to troll.
  15. im serious. you replied to dolh's post about him burying DB and you liked it. I am saying this wont solve anyting and so much for the future. Triple H is in great shape for his age but he can't last with the current roster full time. He's a legend, not invincible.
  16. You mean red and yellow. :hogan:
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  17. [​IMG] The woman holding the ice cream would be the E showcasing what they are offering.
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  18. his name is Dolph's and it is easier to refer to him as d'z.

    HHH is > batista or the rock was, are you fucking out of your mind?
  19. lmao [​IMG]
    I bet it's closer to this. Where the fuck have you been buddy? Long time.
  20. ill refer to him as the aggressive whiner? lol

    Lol Batista and Rock are not a part of the full time roster. Not a comparison. Triple H, as I said, is a legend and in great shape. But there's a reason as to why he doesn't lace his boots up full time. He can't do it forever.
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