Daniel Bryan wants Punk for WM29 - Also could have gone to TNA

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Source: SeSscoops

    Very interesting read. Thank god he didn't leave.
  2. I want him Vs. Angle.
  3. I'd love to see him vs Punk at WM 29, and very good that he didn't leave. I don't watch TNA, but I love watching Daniel Bryan!
  4. Must admit I'd love Bryan vs Punk at WM too tbh.
  5. It will be interesting to see what kind of a match they put on at OTL. I'm all for this match at wrestlmania particulary after the 18 sec. travesty. , it needs to be someone fit with plenty of endurance who can keep up with D Bryan.
    CM Punk is as good a choice as any.
  6. He wrestler OTL! So he not going to get his wish! Beside CM Punk vsing Stone Cold! AND THAT THE BOTTOM LINE! B/c Stone Cold said so!

  7. Stone Cold hasn't said so :urm:
  8. And if they're minifeud delivers it could be extended. They have three weeks worth of shows and with Punk being officially a RAW star and Bryan being a Smackdown star despite the fact that the brand split is about as strong as a twig right now. That means six shows worth of possible build up for OTL.

  10. Unless Stone Cold holds a press conference saying "I will face CM Punk at WM 29" I say he ain't doing it. It's to early to say he will.

  12. Do you know Stone Cold? Can you verify that? Give me his number and I'll check then. :otunga:
  13. Stone Cold say he want to wrestle CM Punk!

  14. There is a difference between want and will. Or did your parents not teach you that?
  15. He going to he said he had 1 more good in him!

  16. How does that mean it is for your one true love Punk? Stone Cold has also said he would want to put over other young talent like Ziggler, Bryan, Swagger and even Ryder. It's also not Stone Colds final decision who he puts over. That's with Vince and creative. If they want to give Stone Cold to Cena they will for example.

    Not everything circles around Punk grow out of fanboy mode for goodness sake.
  17. Punk sucks.
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  18. I also was not aware of Randy Savage being both Stone Cold and CM Punks press agents. Since he knows that they will be at mania. *sarcasm*
  19. Still no 's' on your plurals, eh? Figures.... I bet you're either being cute or being praised around here for a 'tard' gimmick
  20. Savage is worshiped as a messiah for his retard gimmick.
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