Daniel Bryan - Why is he called a joke?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Apr 9, 2013.

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    A lot of people on the internet seem to say that Daniel Bryan has become a joke since team Hell No started (some would even say since the yes/no gimmick back in May.) But can he honest to god be classed as that?

    He is used on most RAW's and Smackdowns.
    He has a nice win/loss record.
    He is always built up as a threat in his matches, never underplayed like before his WHC run were they buried him on the stick every time he was out.
    He had a 4-5 month WHC reign.
    He has a 9 month tag team reign (for what it is worth).
    He was recently in the Smackdown EC and was one of the guys that was said could win it by the commentary team.
    He sells merch.
    He's one of the most over guys in the company.
    He's been involved in a feud with the Shield.
    He's in a semi feud with the new WHC and his posse.
    He's back in a feud with the Shield again it seems.
    He's rubbing elbows with the Undertaker.

    Can we really say that Daniel Bryan with his current character is a joke? I say no. He's getting the Kurt Angle treatment right now. He's a skilled wrestler with a serious side, only with a prominent comedy side and there is nothing wrong with that. Some would say that Angle was always made to look credible but in my mind Bryan is as well. I don't see how he as a wrestler or threat to other wrestlers is currently being underplayed. Daniel acknowledges being comedic more than Kurt did but that doesn't take away from his threat level in the ring in my opinion. Seabs instead said that the Rock was a better person to compare him with when it came to comedy and seriousness mixing.

    Do you think that Daniel Bryan is a joke character right now?
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  2. He jobs quite often, that's the thing.
  3. So that makes him a joke?
  4. Probably the aura around him. He comes out with a goofy look on his face waving his arms around saying :no:
  5. I love Bryan, one of my favourite characters.

    I like that he can play a more light hearted funny character as well as his more serious one.

    I do think it is time for him to take on a more serious role now though as Team Hell No is become a little old imo.
  6. No, but doesn't make him look as credible as he could be presented and along with his gimmick he gets that aura a bit as D'Z said. I don't consider him an all out comedy character though.
  7. Because for the last 4-5 months he has been a joke - up until now hopefully. He's basically been a comedy midcarder for the last few months, not exactly picking up big wins, and taking the pins for pretty much any Hell No loss. Mainly he's just been Yes/No'ing and getting angry about being a goat and stuff. I'm not fussed though, because it's (hopefully) been a transitional period and teaming with BoD should mean big things for him.
  8. He's a joke character, but not a comedy character.

    The yesyesyesnonono thing is definitely jokish, and while it irritates the IWC for some reason all it's doing is keeping the guy massively over.
    You can still take Daniel Bryan seriously as a performer, as a champion, as a wrestler. He's not Santino.
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  9. He's very similar to Kurt's initial run IMO I wouldn't call either of them jokes they're comedic characters. If he was booked as a joke he wouldn't have won as many matches as he had or been booked as such a threat.

    He is a comedic character though and that doesn't have to be a bad thing, just because Bryan isn't booked as strongly as he could be doesn't mean he's a joke either.
  10. Yeah I'm not saying he's a joke, but being a comedy character and losing a lot gets close to that.
  11. ITT: Seabs & Stop argue vernacular concerning the differences between "comedy characters" and "joke characters"

    He is a joke, he does comedy, whatever term you want to use. He is viewed as a joke because he is one at this point regardless of his kayfabe accomplishments.
  12. Stop hasn't been involved in this at all it was Leo C. Secondly we agreed that he wasn't booked as well as he should my argument was that it doesn't present the joke aura because of that like it was claimed. No one is disputing the terminology used simply one is claiming it's a negative that he's booked comedicly whilst another is simply saying it isn't a big deal and using the terms to express that (joke = bad. comedy = ok) I get you're doing all this hilarious summary for cheap pops but atleast get the people involved right. C'mon Dolphs you're better than failing to do that.
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  13. Comparing from ROH and WWE, it seems like a bit of a joke to me. I guess i'll leave it up to people that have only seen him in WWE. I'm impartial

    Lost a title in fuck seconds at mania (will never forget that)
  14. Seabs and Stop agreeing about this? :robbie:
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  15. Stop made the thread and is saying the same thing you are: Comedy character =/= joke character. I'm just saying to everyone else they are basically the same thing. You can say it isn't a bad thing but the fact remains to most people he is just a joke character at this point

    I'm not going for any cheap pops. I've stated my opinion: he is considered a joke because he acts like a joke. The rest of what you were saying was just you misinterpreting my post and then acting like you knew my intentions when you didn't even understand what I was talking about.
  16. Not the correct usage of colons ^

    Had to do it, sorry.
  17. Rule 4
    Use a colon instead of a semicolon between two sentences when the second sentence explains or illustrates the first sentence and no coordinating conjunction is being used to connect the sentences. If only one sentence follows the colon, do not capitalize the first word of the new sentence. If two or more sentences follow the colon, capitalize the first word of each sentence following.


  18. American grammar ftl.

    Going to risk answering the OP without actually reading the posts. He is called a "joke" because his character demonstrates the typical comedic character now, with segments with Dr Shelby being proof of that. Also, he more or less jobs every match now -- apart from irrelevant tag-team championship matches -- which further puts forward the "joke" euphoria.

    If you mean "joke" as in a wrestling character that is going no where and has no future, then of course he's not. Where is he even considered a joke like that? Because all I see is people posting about how good he is and that he should be pushed. The thread is rather hard to reply to because of the context of "joke".
  19. Crayo jobs to me in grammar discussion like always and then acts like American grammar is so different from UK grammar.

    ::leaves thread satisfied::
  20. 1) Like always? Your first point in history. Mark over it.
    2) Actually, by your American grammar law, you still failed. You capitalised "Comedy" when you weren't supposed to.
    3) UK grammar doesn't allow such a rule. The colon is used to introduce an idea, a list, or quoted material.

    I naturally didn't know American grammar was different.

    Another point for me.
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