Daniel Bryan

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. I have respect for him now as a heel. I find him interesting now.

    I have no idea why, but during the chamber match, I was thinking to myself... "Man, this guy is fricken awesome".
  2. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, especially when he botched the turnbuckle backflip.
  3. Been a fan of the guy ever since season 1 of NXT. The guy does anything well even though he is not any cm punk on the mic he still captivates me in wrestling and in a segment

    Done with my iPhone.
  4. Maybe because he saved that horrendous Chamber match from being a DUD? Yeah, Daniel Bryan is awesome.
  5. I'm also starting to like Daniel Bryan...:emoji_slight_frown:
  6. Meanie.

    Though if there was ever a time not to try and be a fan of Daniel Bryan it was last night, he was used to get beaten up then struggle to beat Santino.
  7. Still don't like him.
    Sheamus will kick the shit out of him at WM.
    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
  8. Yeah, Sheamus will win the WHC at WM. Guarenteed.
  9. Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan, Kicks your head!!!!
    Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan, Makes you tap!!!!!


  10. Can't wait to see Sheamus whoop his ass honestly
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  11. Son, I am dissappoint.
  12. Don't blame me, blame WWE. They force me to hate him with this retarded ass gimmick
  13. It's a gimmick which is overused yes but isn't he playing it to perfection?

    He has his own spin on things too with his YES addition, and his sort of "trolling" addition.
  14. The pussy gimmick should be for guys who aren't amazing wrestlers. Your boy Miz it's good for, because he can't go out and legitimately out wrestle or beat anyone up. Bryan deserves much better.

    The yes addition is the worst part of his current gimmick IMO. I want to blow out my ear drums every time I see him coming out because I know he's going to be screaming like JoeRulez mom when I'm putting it to her
  15. You're kidding me? Miz has a lot of in-ring talent and technical skills.. Look up his old wrestling.
  16. Lmao how dare you insult his "YES" moments, they're hilarious.

    Agreed though, I think seabs and I thought he could have a tough cocky wrestler who legitimately backs up his wrestling ability in the win by winning. Should of made Show tap multiple times imo.
  17. I'm a fan but he was horrible in the old days. He's only just reached slightly above average now.
  18. I'll chalk up this wildly inaccurate post to the painkillers
  19. I think he a better as a FACE! But I just glad Bryan is the World Champion and headline as the Champion at WM28 that all i care about right now!
  20. DB bored me as hell when he was face.
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