Daniel Bryan

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. His yes has become famous after Monday's Raw, the whole night between Rock's promo (even a yes chant in there!) and Lesnar's return was the crowd chanting about him basically. I get the feeling he could be getting really over with the crowd, so - should they keep him heel, or will they have to turn him face?
  2. Keep him heel, I think Miami was just being a bunch of smarks. If it continues then you've got to turn him face.
  3. They were but I think they may have started something. It will begin to catch on with less smarky crowds than that.

    Plus Vince may want to cash in on it, has the potential to be like Austin's 'What?' only hopefully a lot less irritating.

    2012: The year of YES!
  4. Not sure it will last. Miami is a smark crowd, however, the crowd are hating on Sheamus so it might catch on. Never turn him face, they'd turn him into a charisma sucking super babyface, god no. If he is over everywhere he goes, then you tweak his character, but not change it. Like Orton, Orton was stupidly cheered when he was meant to be a heel, people loved the idea of a silent badass who'd fuck over anyone. Remind you of anyone? Stone Cold. So WWE turn him into a complete bore going over everyone and siding with faces. Now the guy gets limited cheers than he was getting, mainly from women who find him attractive.

    Sheamus, got cheered because he was a badass who'd kick anyone in the face. So they turn him into a charisma vacume and now he's being boo'd. Will they ever learn?
  5. I just hope that keep a push going so he cane back World Champion again! 18 FUCKIN SECORD WHAT FUCK WWE THINKING????????? And know Del Rio is the next 1 in line WTF??????
  6. Couldn't agree with Crayo more however I hope secretly it's fans appreciating Bryan for his talents and that he's gonna get over as I'm kinda mad with how he got treated at WM.
  7. It is. The chants were made by smarks who know Bryan deserved better. I just hope he moves on to the american dragon gimmick or something. I love his current gimmick but I don't want him to feud with AJ.
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