Daniel Bryan.

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  1. Perhaps a heel turn is in order? Don't know if you've seen his recent backstage interviews, or watched his backstage segment tonight, but he's definitely adding a cocky character to his persona. In my opinion they're turning the wrong guy heel. Big Show should turn heel, and Bryan should make him tap-out which will really boost this guy as the WHC.

    If this ends up with a Big Show reign then... :coolgun::coolgun::coolgun:
  2. I've not seen his interviews and such (or paid attention) but wouldn't like him as a heel.
    Big Show as a heel would be cool though.
  3. I don't mind Bryan as a heel and maybe the Shaq deal has fallen through?
  4. Well it'd certainly freshen him up and help him put over DB, don't know if it would be cool though :lol:.
  5. Just watched to the end. DB is officially heel. Big Show will kill this feud, and Daniel Bryan will be booked as cowardly heel. Oh how original.
  6. Bryan is probably better as the arrogant heel.
  7. He is playing the current heel role well, jammy wins, bit cocky. But I don't want him cowardly... they mention his wrestling ability in every promo (he does himself too) but they'll book him as the coward heel.
  8. They'll make him a coward yeah. How original. The guy is one of the best wrestlers in WWE, why not let him use that gimmick?
  9. Has a "technically good wrestler who wins by skill" gimmick ever been given to a heel? I'd love it.
  10. Chris Benoit? He was more aggressive but wasn't that essentially his heel gimmick?
  11. Benoit was never a heel...
  12. Oh really?

    He spent half his career as a heel.
  13. Maybe, did Benoit go on about his wrestling ability? I'm not sure, I wasn't an active watcher when he was heel. Since we're in the reality-era, it's something we're seeing more often, wrestlers going on about how good they are at actually wrestling. Even though Vince despises the word.

    Bryan could do it 10 times better than Benoit though (pull off this gimmick, not actually wrestling, that's a debate for another thread).
  14. He did go on about being the best the best technical wrestler I think. Not sure never really rewatched his promos most of them were that bad.
  15. Was the reason why I didn't want to YouTube it lmao.

    Still, quite a while ago though, and Bryan would definitely pull it off. I'd much prefer it than coward heel, IE Miz, Ziggler, Rhodes (sort of), Henry etc.
  16. I actually think the opposite here, DB is a massive fan favourite, even after his "heel" actions this last SD, he still played with the crowd, creative have been playing the big show able to control his emotions after DB's cash in which I think will lead to him snapping on DB thus turning him heel, especially if the match ups keep been won in cowardly ways like on SD...
  17. That could happen but DB was receiving boo's. It was if he was like trolling when going up on those barriers to the crowd, he said "get your hand off me" to Big Show, he purposely cheated to get the win also. I'd much prefer Big Show to turn heel ONLY if Bryan goes over him. If we see more Big Show squashing every-one then no thanks.
  18. D Bryan will be heel before/just after Rumble, may at the Rumble.
  19. Bryan is better as a heel. I want to see a Test/Stacy Keibler thing with him and AJ.
  20. I don't mind Bryan being a heel, he was a great heel in RoH. He just needs to be that bad-ass heel again, not yet another generic WWE coward-heel.